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Georgia Rocks!

I heard an awesome thing on the radio yesterday. The State of Georgia is my hero this week. They have passed a law, which took effect on July 1 of this year, that is great for cracking down on illegal immigration. They have trained all their police officers to handle illegal immigrants, and should they come across any illegals, they are to arrest them. This is great because so many police departments don’t do anything about illegals. Good for Georgia. They told the story of a woman who called police out on a domestic violence call between her and her roommate. When the police arrived, they found out that she was the one guilty of domestic violence, so she was arrested. Then when booking her, they found out she was also an illegal. She is now awaiting deportation. I applaud Georgia for taking this step. Every other state ought to follow suit. Why is it so many people think that illegal immigration shouldn’t be handled by the police? If they come across an illegal, they should be able to arrest them, just for being illegal. They can then be transferred over to immigration officials and be deported. More states need to follow the lead of Georgia and start setting immigration laws of their own.

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7 years!

Well, today is Adam’s and my 7th wedding anniversary. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem like that much time could have passed so quickly! It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were in high school. But now, we have 4 beautiful children, and we celebrate 7 years! Gosh I feel old. 🙂

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Reid vs. Romney?

I was just thinking today about Harry Reid, and all the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth. And, I got to thinking: I wonder if Harry Reid is going to start attacking Mitt Romney‘s faith. After all, Romney is a Mormon, everyone knows that. He has made no bones about it. He even said in the last debate that he wouldn’t back down from his faith. (For me that was wonderful. I think Romney running for POTUS will bring out a lot about the Church. Unfortunately, some of that will be anti-Mormon propaganda. I think most of it will be good, though.) Anyway, with Romney being identified as the Mormon candidate, I really wonder if Reid will attack him on that. (BTW- Reid’s secret: He’s a Mormon too!) Hard to believe? I know. He sure doesn’t wear his faith on his sleeve! He actually seems to stand up for things that don’t align themselves with the Gospel. So, because Reid seems to be a walking contradiction with himself, I just chuckled when I thought of the idea of him attacking Romney on the “Mormon issue.” I imagined it going something like this: Reid attacks Romney, and says that he’s not a “good Mormon.” Romney just ignores him. Reid, looking for something to set him off, claims that he is a better Mormon than Romney ever will be. Again, Romney just ignores him. Reid goes through all the callings he’s ever had, and challenges Romney to “beat that.” Romney finally responds in a very dignified manner by bearing his testimony and then saying that a person’s faith really has nothing to do with the office of POTUS. Reid then claims that a person’s faith is an integral part of their make-up, so how could it not be an issue. Romney replies that Reid has always stood on the premise of separating his religion from politics (and adds in that he’s done so really well). Reid says it’s different for him, and he can do that, because he’s a liberal. And, after all, we all know that libs aren’t held to any actual standards or accountability.
Anyway, just a little thought I had, and it made me laugh. It’s just ironic enough that I could actually see Reid doing it. 🙂

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I got yelled at by Dr. Laura!

Yesterday I was at my wit’s end, trying to get my kids to clean their rooms. I got very frustrated because they just weren’t doing what I had told them to do. So, I went into another room and knelt and prayed for guidance. I had planned on just taking everything away, but I knew that wouldn’t really work, and was too extreme. So, while praying, I calmed down and felt that I should try something new. Then it hit me: call Dr. Laura! Surely she has a solution for how to get your kids to clean up after themselves. I looked at the clock, and it was a couple minutes after noon; her show had just started. So, I called in, and what do you know, I got through! I was pretty surprised. I told her screener my dilemma, and gave her tons of info about me, like how long I’ve been married, how old my kids are, how old I am, etc. Then, next thing I know, I’m on the air with Dr. Laura. I thanked her for all her kind words of support for our troops, which really means a lot to me. Then I told her that I was 25 and had 4 kids (an I am my kids’ mom), at which point she asked their ages. After telling her, she said, “You’re the epitome of ‘bare foot and pregnant.'” That made me laugh. I told her I love what I do. Then I explained my problem to her. This is where she yelled at me. (Well, not really yell, more like just sternly telling me that I was ridiculous.) So, she said that I couldn’t expect them to understand the importance of cleaning up at their ages. (And thinking about I, I know she’s right.) So she said the thing to do is offer them “rewards” of sorts. Like if they want to watch a movie, say, “If you clean up all the blocks, we can watch the movie.” I realized she was right, and just said OK. After I got off the phone, I felt much better. I changed my attitude and went in and worked with the kids to do clean up their rooms, in a positive way. I didn’t expect them to do it all themselves, or understand the importance of it. I just made it more fun for them. It actually worked really well. So, I felt much better, and I’m sure the kids did too. So, I’m grateful to Dr. Laura for giving me the reality check I needed. Who knew that the Lord would answer prayers through Dr. Laura?!

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A lot has been happening the last week or so. First of all, to address my last post: that horrible immigration bill was defeated! (At least for now.) Hooray!! I’m so glad. Now we shouldn’t see a revisit of that until 2008, so we’ve got a little bit of time anyway.
Next, on Monday night, our sweet little baby puppy died. He just stopped breathing. Adam tried CPR and mouth to mouth to get him breathing again, but it just wasn’t meant to be. We buried him in the backyard Tuesday morning. We were all upset about it, but I think I took it the hardest. I’m feeling better now, but I really miss him.
Here he is with Adam, just 2 days old.

Ok, what else? Saturday, we started laying the new flooring in our house. I’m so excited about it! It looks great! I am so very grateful to our wonderful friends who came to help us! It took 7 hours on Saturday just to do the one room. I’ll have to find some way to repay them all! Then, Tuesday, my dad and Adam got another room done, which took about 4 hours. So now, I think we are about half way done. Oh, I will be so excited when it’s all done.
So, yesterday was Independence Day. I love this holiday! It’s so wonderful to celebrate our nation and the freedoms we all enjoy. I think we often take for granted what we have been so blessed with. There is no better country on the face of this earth. There is no other country where the people are free in thought, religion, work, school, where they live, everything. It is amazing. I know that the Lord had a hand in establishing this nation, and that the founding fathers were truly inspired by Him. It is remarkable to be here, and I wish more people would realize that.

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