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UGGGH! That’s all I can say!

Ok, well maybe not all I can say, but that’s sure how I feel. This week has been full of news that just disgusts me. Let’s start first with everyone’s favorite story of the week, Senator Larry Craig. He plead guilty to charges relating to sexual misconduct in a Minnesota airport public restroom. He now says the guilty plea was just to make it go away, which is entirely possible, but who knows. No one really knows what happened in that bathroom, except Craig and the police officer involved. Now, politicians are coming out of the woodwork, saying he should resign. I have to say that I agree. Those we elect to represent us should be held to a higher standard (I know, it sounds funny when talking about politicians). But, I really believe it’s true.
But, here’s what gets me about this whole thing: If this guy was a democrat, this would all be swept under the rug. But, because he’s a republican, he’s villainized. Yes, if what they are accusing him of is true, it’s wrong. However, I seem to recall a certain Democrat President getting caught with his pants down on more than one occasion. Now, I didn’t see Billy Boy resign. Yeah, he got impeached, but that really didn’t matter; he stayed in office. And let us not forget about William Jefferson, who was caught with $90,000 dirty money in his freezer. No one had him resign. Look, the fact of the matter is that politicians in both parties have been involved in some very scandalous behavior. However, the trend seems to be (of course with some exceptions) that the Democrats usually skate and the Republicans usually get chased out of office. (Maybe we just hold our party to a higher standard.)
The next story is that the Clinton camp has received several thousands of dollars in contributions from the family that is not very well off. The Paw family has donated around $200,000 to the Clinton camp. Surely they do not have that kind of money. Oddly enough these donations were timed just right with those from Norman Hsu, a big Hillary fundraiser. Turns out one of the Paws works for Hsu. Also turns out that Hsu is a fugitive in California. This is so shady, I don’t think even Bill can make the sun shine on it. I do find it interesting, however that this story broke just a couple days after the Craig story. Naturally the media have been focusing all their attention on Craig, and this huge story is being left by the wayside. Coincidence, perhaps, but unlikely. Afterall, as Rush likes to say, “With the Clinton’s, there are no coincidences.”
I do hope this is brought out into the light more, we shall see.

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Rock star

Logan told me the other day that he wanted to be a rock star. (Who knows where that came from.) So, I immediately got an idea and told him that I could make him a rock star. He thought that was great. Well, I forgot about it until today when he asked me when I was going to make him a rock star. I told him shortly, and he went off to play. (Here’s the part where I thought I was going to make him mad.) So, I went outside and got a small rock out of the yard and drew a star on it with a marker. I took it to him and told him I made him a rock star and gave it to him. At first he didn’t seem to care for it. But then he smiled and liked it. After that I had to make Daphne and Gavin rock stars too. So, I played a little joke on Logan and it ended up making all the kids very happy. Go figure.

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Great quote!

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding one’s self in the ranks of the insane.”
-Marcus Aurelius

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I am a Child of God

Yesterday brought to mind the famous line from the movie “Gone With the Wind”, “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”
There have been many, many Sundays where it is just the kids and me at church, without Adam. While this can be extremely aggravating, I do my best to go and do the right thing. I know that the kids need that in their lives and they need me to show them that even though it is hard sometimes, we still go to church, because that’s what we’ve been commanded to do. There are many times when I wonder why I even bother because we are late and miss sacrament completely, or we spend all of sacrament in the mothers’ lounge, or I just spend the entire block of meeting wrangling children. I go though. I know I need to go. And usually, I feel the Spirit. Once in a while, I actually catch the message or a lesson.
Anyway, yesterday was one such day. However, this time it was different. One reason was because I changed my attitude. I decided that I was going to have a good day. We got up at the same time we normally do, but this time, we were ready on time. I didn’t rush us or anything, we were just ready. So, we ended up getting there during the opening song. I don’t even know when the last time that happened. So we sat in the chapel instead of the mothers lounge. I had recently made some new file folder games for the kids, and we brought those. Even though I told them that they couldn’t get them out until after the Sacrament had been passed, they did really good. We all left the chapel to go an feed Genevie, and the kids did good then. When we went back in, Gavin got in trouble and started screaming, so I had to scoot him out of the chapel fast. I had Genevie in one arm and I took him out with the other, promptly putting them both down on chairs in the foyer. Gavin was screaming, but I held his arms (this is a new time-out technique we are using on advice of a counselor). I didn’t yell at him or anything, just stood my ground with the time-out. All of a sudden behind me came a sweet sister who asked if she could take Genevie while I was dealing with Gavin. Normally, I probably would have said no and that I could handle it, but I’ve learned to accept help when I need it. So she walked around with Genevie. Then, another sister came out and said she came to help too. I just asked her if she could sit with Logan and Daphne, who were in the chapel. It was wonderful because I knew the other kids would be fine, and I could focus on what I needed to do with Gavin. After the time-out ordeal was over, we all went back in and finished sacrament in the chapel. The kids were a little noisy at times, but it all worked out well. After sacrament, I took them all to class, and went to relief society. Genevie was very cranky during the lesson, but I did my best to participate and I would take her out if she got too loud. After relief society was over, another sweet wonderful sister came up to me an told me that she loved me and gave me some wonderful words of comfort. Then we had Sunday school, which Genevie slept through. Afterward, on my way to get the kids, I was stopped by one of the counselors in the Bishopric. He told me he admired my tenacity in bringing all 4 kids to church on my own week after week. While he was talking to me, the relief society president chimed in and they both offered some lovely words of encouragement and comfort. I went and got the kids and we went home, all of us in a great mood.
This Sunday was the best I’d had in a very long time. It was wonderful! Even though I had problems with the kids and we drew attention to ourselves during sacrament (things which not long ago would have sent me into a horrible mood), I maintained my good attitude (and it really wasn’t hard to do so, surprisingly), and I received help from others. I really felt like the arms of the Savior were around me! I just felt so much love and compassion, and it was real and genuine. I am fighting back tears right now because it just meant so much to me.
The Lord knew what I needed yesterday, and he provided for me through others. It was so wonderful!

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Genevie Walks!

On Sunday, during Sacrament meeting, Genevie stood up and took a step all by herself! Everyone in the family saw it and it was very exciting! She’s since done it some more, but no more than two steps at a time. She’s very shaky on those legs. But she keeps trying, and she’ll be going steady soon. Then she’ll be running – UH OH!

But I’m very excited for her!

Where has the time gone? Seems like such a short time ago that we took this picture of her in her blessing gown. She was about 6 weeks old then. In this other picture, that we took just a few days ago, she’s 11 months old, and climbing all over the couch. It’s going way too fast!

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