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Duh moment of the week

So last night we got Logan, Gavin, and Daphne in bed, and then Genevie and I headed out to the grocery store, while Adam stayed home with everyone else. I love doing my grocery shopping around 7 or 8 at night, because the store is usually not crowded. Anyway, we went in and filled up the cart, and then went up to the checkout. When I got up there, I looked down into my bag and realized I had forgotten my wallet at home! Doh! It was pretty frustrating, but I couldn’t help but laugh. At least I realized before she started to ring everything up. Oh well, what are ya gonna do?

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What amazing friends!

I’ve never heard of a group of friends such as the ones I have. We have been friends since high school, which makes it about 12 years or so now. Despite our distance from each other, at times, we have managed to stay extremely close. I would say we are really family. Through the years, we have seen people come and go, and have been honored to welcome “newbies” into our circle. But, we have always had a bond holding us together. It truely is remarkable. When one of us needs help or support or even just a word of encouragement, everyone else rallies around them. When one of us comes upon success in something, the others are there to help celebrate. When we are bored and need something to do, we can always count on our friends to do something. What is comes down to is that we are always there for each other and we really do love each other. We can laugh with each other, cry with each other, pick on each other, and enjoy each other. What else could be better? These people have been there for me at times many other would have just turned and run. They are some of the most wonderful people I have ever known, and that I ever will. I just wanted to express how grateful I am and how blessed I feel to have these wonderful people in my life!

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A tired happy birthday baby girl!

Yesterday was Genevie’s 1st birthday! Holy cow, that came so fast! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been a year since she was born. But, it has. Now she’s climbing and walking and trying to talk. It’s crazy how fast the time goes by! But, I love it all! Genevie is so wonderful and I just feel so blessed to have her in our family! The same can be said for all of my children. It amazes me how much love I have for each of them, and when I think I can’t love them anymore than I do, I find that I do love them more–everyday my love for them grows! They are wonderful and amazing children. So sweet and innocent. Children are the essence of purity and they are so close to the Lord. They are wonderful. I firmly believe that the most important thing I will ever do is raise these children. Parenthood is such a tremendous blessing!

We had some friends over yesterday to play, and Genevie was feeling very tired around lunch time. I thought I’d give her lunch, then have her take a nap, but she had other plans! This was too precious!

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