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Alright, I know I’m talking about old news, but sometimes I am so upset about something, I just can’t put it up at the time. I need time to calm down. So, I think I’m there, now.
Can someone PLEASE explain to me what in the world global warming has to do with world peace? Please, anyone. I’d really love to know. I can’t believe that Al Gore and the UN won the Nobel Peace Prize! What is that about? OK, forget for a minute that I believe this whole “man-made global warming” thing is a bunch of bologna. There are several things wrong with this.
  1. Wouldn’t global warming work be under the science prize?
  2. A British judge found at least nine things that were outright wrong in Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth. (More like a Convenient Lie.)
  3. Making people aware of “global warming” has nothing to do with peace. Isn’t this the Peace Prize we’re talking about?
  4. They clumped Al Gore in the same category as Mother Theresa. OH, I don’t think so. NOT even close, on a good day for Gore.
  5. There’s not even proof that global warming is man-made or that it is bad. People just assume that it is. Scientists can’t agree. They have to way to prove it.
  6. Al Gore was campaigning to win. That’s just tacky and un-respectable.

I think that this just goes to show that the Nobel Prize is strictly political anymore, and has very little to do with what it is supposed to. It just makes me sick.

One good thing to come out of this? There’s talk that Gore might run for President in 2008 now. Oh, please let it be true! Let him come and steal votes from Obama and Hillary. Let him take the nomination! Please, please. We could easily defeat him.

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So Hillary Clinton is bursting with ideas lately. She’s apparently solved the problems of health care, poverty, and retirement. Universal health care (ie: socialized medicine), a $5000 baby bond, and a $1000 a year 401 K for everyone in the country. Now, the question is: How will she pay for it? Answer, according to her: tax the rich and middle class (but mostly the rich). Her plans have so many, many flaws, but I’d just like to concentrate on one right now. She wants to tax the rich to pay for all of this, but it simply won’t work. There are two ways this can go. 1. The rich will “hide” their money through investments, and other means, so they won’t be subject to the ridiculous high taxes. So, they will still be rich, and the programs won’t get funded. When she sees that she’s not getting the income she wanted from the rich, she’s going to push the higher taxes on the middle class. Refer to #2 for the inevitable end to that scenario. 2. The rich will be taxed until they are poor. Hillary will see that the well has run dry, and the taxes will go to the middle class. They will be taxed until they are poor, also. Now, what will she do? She can’t tax the poor, those people are the “victims” the democrats say they are trying to help. Plus, now there will be even more poor (because of all the taxing), and the programs will need even more funding. What’s she going to do then? What’s her solution to that?
I pray I will NEVER have to find out!

All she is after is power, and socialized programs, like these, give it to her. Socialism is NOT for this country. It’s a terrible idea, on so many levels. But, if she gets elected, that’s what’s coming. Be prepared to loose everything you hold near and dear, ’cause in Hillary’s mind, it all belongs to her.

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Love it!

I read this quote and absolutely love it!

I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.” ~Ronald Reagan

Reagan really was a brilliant man!

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Kids, gotta love em!
The other day, Gavin and Daphne got a hold of a tube of diaper cream and proceeded to make a grand mess with it. (I mean, come on, what 4 and 2 year olds could resist?) So, needless to say, when I found it, I was not a happy mom. They got it all over one of Genevie’s toys, and all over Daphne, and some on their clothes. Now, anyone who has ever used diaper cream knows what a nasty thing it is to clean up. So, I put Gavin to work cleaning up the toy, and Daphne clearly had to go in the tub! It was all over her hair, so I washed it twice. I thought I had it out, until it started to dry. Her hair was so oily from all the diaper cream. I didn’t know what to do get it out. So, the next day, I asked Adam’s mom, who suggested using dish soap. The idea being all the grease fighting power would take the grease out of her hair. I happy to say that now, after two washings in dish soap, it finally looks like it’s out! Hooray!
So, there are lessons to be learned here: 1. Keep the Desitin up high. 2. Keep plenty of dish soap on hand for when the kids climb up to your high place and get it down (cause they will).

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New website

Let’s get Harry Reid the heck out of Dodge! Some friends of mine and I are at the beginning stages of forming a Political Action Committee in order to get Harry Reid out of office when his term is up. Anyway, check it out at RetireReid.org.

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