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So Hillary Clinton is bursting with ideas lately. She’s apparently solved the problems of health care, poverty, and retirement. Universal health care (ie: socialized medicine), a $5000 baby bond, and a $1000 a year 401 K for everyone in the country. Now, the question is: How will she pay for it? Answer, according to her: tax the rich and middle class (but mostly the rich). Her plans have so many, many flaws, but I’d just like to concentrate on one right now. She wants to tax the rich to pay for all of this, but it simply won’t work. There are two ways this can go. 1. The rich will “hide” their money through investments, and other means, so they won’t be subject to the ridiculous high taxes. So, they will still be rich, and the programs won’t get funded. When she sees that she’s not getting the income she wanted from the rich, she’s going to push the higher taxes on the middle class. Refer to #2 for the inevitable end to that scenario. 2. The rich will be taxed until they are poor. Hillary will see that the well has run dry, and the taxes will go to the middle class. They will be taxed until they are poor, also. Now, what will she do? She can’t tax the poor, those people are the “victims” the democrats say they are trying to help. Plus, now there will be even more poor (because of all the taxing), and the programs will need even more funding. What’s she going to do then? What’s her solution to that?
I pray I will NEVER have to find out!

All she is after is power, and socialized programs, like these, give it to her. Socialism is NOT for this country. It’s a terrible idea, on so many levels. But, if she gets elected, that’s what’s coming. Be prepared to loose everything you hold near and dear, ’cause in Hillary’s mind, it all belongs to her.

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