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Well, we actually got snow today!  May not sound like a big thing to some, but for Vegas, it’s pretty rare.  So, we were pretty excited.  It snowed for over 4 hours!  The kids watched out the window yelling, “Snow!”  I let them go out for a couple minutes to see if they could catch some on their tongues, and they enjoyed that.  It didn’t stick on the ground here, but it did in other areas of the valley.  Since I don’t have a battery for my camera, I couldn’t get any pictures.  Plenty were sent into our local news stations, though, and I’ll share a few of them with you.  (Taken from Channel 3 and Channel 8.)

snow     snow-2     snow-3     snow-4     snow-5 (This is what it looked like here, too.)

snow-6     snow-7     snow-8  (This is just down the street from us.)

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So I was talking to my friend, Troy Fox, today about the situation with the governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich.  I think the whole thing is a mess and that surely with Chicago politics being what they are, Barack Obama had to at least have known about it.  And surely, Richard Daley, mayor of Chicago, had to have some involvement.  I mean, really, what goes on in that state that he doesn’t know about before hand?  Anyway, Troy shared with me his idea for Barack Obama’s senate replacement, and I thought it was fabulous!  Here goes: 

Everyone in the Democrat party is turning as fast as they can on Blagojevich.  Now, we’re used to this kind of behavior from the Republicans.  They turn on each other anytime something doesn’t look good.  But, Democrats, they’re so loyal.  But, no this time, and frankly it’s kind of enjoyable to watch them turn on each other.  Anyway, since everyone is turning on him and implicating him in any way they can, he should do the same.  He should hold a press conference, and have the feds waiting outside.  Then, he should announce that to replace Barack Obama, he is appointing the most conservative ultra right-wing republican he can.  (And if it’s a woman it’s even better.)  Then announce that his is resigning his office effective Jan 21, 2009.  After the press conference, he should go out and meet the feds and tell them everything he knows.  Troy’s thought here is that since they are all turning on him, he should do the same to them.  

Personally, I know this would never happen, but think about it for a moment.  How funny would that be?!  Can you imagine Harry Reid’s face?  Oh, I think I would pay to watch this all unfold!  The media would be in a panic.  They would be stumbling over their words.  The Democrat party would cry foul and whine, but there would be nothing they could do about it.  And, with them trying to get the fillibuster proof majority, this would be a big blow to them.  I think it would be pretty fabulous!  HA!!!

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I know I’m pretty late getting these up, but things have been really busy.

Anyway, here are the answers to the history quiz.  Do you need to take a history class?  (Answers are in bold.)

Q1. When was the Civil War?

a. 1750-1800

b. 1800-1850

c. 1850-1900

d. 1900-1950

e. after 1950

Q2. Who said “Give me liberty or give me death?”

a. John Hancock

b. James Madison

c. Patrick Henry

d. Samuel Adams


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