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My Daddy

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything.  That’s because my world has been turned upside down. 

A little over four weeks ago, my dad passed away unexpectedly in his sleep.  Ever since then, nothing has been the same. 

My dad was my rock.  He was my friend.  He was my daddy.  He will always be.  But I miss him terribly.  He was such a huge part of our lives.  I love my dad more than I could ever begin to describe. 

It’s been  4 weeks now,  and I still feel lost and terribly sad.  The sadness is purely selfish.  I’m thrilled for him.  I know where he is.  I know that I’ll see him and be with him again.  I know tme-and-dadhat death is not the end and that I can be with my family for eternity.  However, I’m so sad not to have him physically here anymore.  Someone told me that we never mourn for those that have passed, we mourn for those of us left behind.  It’s so true. 

I wanted to take a little bit of time, and talk about my dad a bit. 

My dad’s world revolved around me and the kids.  His family was his life.  Growing up he always put me first and was always there for me when I needed him.  There are countless examples of this, but I remember on one particular occasion, I was in preschool.  Some kid slammed my pinkie in the hinge part of a door and I was in some serious pain.  I remember getting some ice from the teacher, and then looking up and seeing my dad there.  It seemed like it has only been a couple minutes since it had happened.  My dad was at work at the time, but dropped everything and drove as fast as he could to come get me.   On another occasion, he came to the rescue when I lost my favorite blankie.  I have wonderful memories of going out to Lake Mead with my dad.  No matter how much he wanted to fish, he always made sure to pull the boat up to shore line so I could go collect sea shells and rocks and other fun things.  We spent a lot of time outdoors when I was younger, as my dad loved to fish and hunt and camp.  We stayed close, even as I was a teenager.  My dad was always someone I felt I could talk to and go to with anything.  He wasn’t always happy about what I did, but he was always there for me and always loved me.  After I got married and had children, my dad was a wonderful grandpa.  Trips to grandpa’s house with the boys always started off by visiting the garage and playing with tools and learning something.  He loved to have the boys come over and they would build things and work on all kinds of projects together.  And the girls just melted his heart.  In talking to family and friends, he would constantly be talking about the kids.  He took such joy in all of them.  He was a huge part of our lives. 

My dad was incredibly talented.  As a young child I remember sitting next to him and watching him as he tied flies for fly fishing, or worked on a fishing rod, making it look completely amazing.  He also was an extremely skilled woodturner.  The things he made on that wood lathe were absolutely incredible, including intricate baby rattles for each of the kids.  My dad was also the one anyone called if they wanted a picture frame made, or shelves made, or anything fixed. 

My dad was also a very kind and gentle man.  He was a great example to everyone who knew him. 

I’m so grateful for the time I did have here with him, and I’m so grateful that he is my dad.

You can read the obituary here.

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I know the Christmas season is past, but I wanted to share this anyway.  I wrote this for the December edition of our ward newsletter.  I think it’s a great message, regardless of the time of year. 

      I love the Christmas season!  People are generally more cheery, and friendlier and more caring towards their fellow man. There’s always this feeling of love and warmth in the air.  But, why is that?  I’m sure some of it comes from a sense of obligation to act that way this time of year.  But, I would submit that much of that “Christmas Spirit” comes from a renewed focus on Jesus Christ.  After all, Christmas is the celebration of Hischrist3 birth.  What a glorious event that was!  On that night, the birth of a tiny newborn baby forever changed the course of humanity.  In a stable, so lowly, our Lord and Savior was born.  We all know the events and story.  I’d like to speak to you about another aspect of Christmas that we may often overlook, especially in this season. 

      The mere event of Christ’s birth is wondrous and miraculous.  The Son of God was born upon this earth.  What a blessed event!  And, we celebrate it accordingly.  But why?  (I know it seems like an odd question, but bear with me for a moment.)  If Christ had grown up, and been an ordinary man, would we still celebrate His birth over 2000 years later?  No, of course not.  We celebrate His birth because of His life.  We celebrate His birth because of His death and resurrection.  We celebrate His birth because He was no ordinary man. 

Think about it for a moment.  Christ was born into this world to be our Savior.  In what is probably the most quoted Christmas scripture of all time, Luke 2:11, we are told just that.  “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”  He was our Savior from the beginning, and for that Heavenly hosts praised Him and rejoiced at His birth.  Christ’s role in this earthly life was to be our redeemer; to make it possible for us to return home. 

The Lord, Himself, told the Nephites of this, proclaiming, “…and this is the gospel with I have given unto you—that I came into the world to do the will of my Father, because my Father sent me (3 Nephi 27:13).”  He came into this world because it was the will of Heavenly Father.  The scriptures go on to say that the will of the Father was for the Atonement, death, and resurrection to occur.  So, while Jesus lived an amazing life, and taught the Gospel, and established His church here, His main purpose for coming was the Atonement. 

The Atonement is something that most of us can’t properly comprehend.    It is the ultimate act of love and mercy.  We often think of the Atonement as something just for sins.  Because of the Atonement, we can be forgiven of our sins.  However, the Atonement isn’t just about sin.  It is so all encompassing.  In Alma 7:11 we read this about the Atonement, “And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.”  Simply put, the Atonement is for everyone! 

So, this Christmas season, remember that were it not for the atonement of Christ, we wouldn’t really have reason to celebrate His birth.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us so much, and because of that, they were willing to give us the ultimate gift.  Let us never forget that or take it for granted. 

I bear my testimony to you that the Atonement is real and that the Savior loves each and every one of us.  Through the Atonement of Christ we can all return to our Heavenly Father.  And, because of the Atonement, our lives can be blessed and changed, if we will only apply it.  I love this truth and I am so grateful to have the Gospel in my life!  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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