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Emergency Preparedness

So, over the weekend, I went to three different food storage and emergency preparedness events.  Wow, it really opened my eyes to what I need to do and not do.  I learned so much information!  For tons of information, I suggest that you head on over to my friend Mike’s Emergency Preparedness site.  It’s really comprehensive and put together well.  Also, check out the Church’s info on all of this. wheatcans-2

One of the thinks I picked up was a survey to see how well prepared people are.  Thought I’d share it.  Here goes: 

Food Storage:    __72 Hour kit    __2 year supply    __Water    __Odds and ends    __None, I’m dieting    __Other

Fuel Storage:    __Propane tanks    __Gasoline tanks    __Generators    __None, I like to walk    __Other

Communication:    __Walkie talkies    __Short wave radio    __None, I like to shout    __Other

Housing:    __Camper, RV, motor home    __Tents    __None, I like the out of doors    __Other

Trade:    __Doctor/Nurse/EMT    __CPR/First aid    __Other medical training    __Engineering/Carpentry    __Electrical/Utilities    __Nothing significant, really    __Other

Tools:    __Hand tools    __Power tools    __Does a lawn mower count?    __Other

Camping gear:    __Coleman stoves    __Coolers    __Utensils    __Does a flashlight count?    __Other

Protection:    __Guns    __Bow and arrow    __Sling shots    __None, I usually run away    __Other

Special needs:    __Mobility    __Medication    __Yes, I am special!    __Other

Makes you think, eh?

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Those around me know that I am deeply opposed to this stimulus plan that Obama wants passed.  One must ask why he feels the need to bankrupt the country even more?  And why send us even further down the Socialist and Marxist path?  The answer is easy – power.  When you make people dependent on the government, the government has absolute power in their lives.  Scary.  The man that said he was going to bring change and hope to the country is doing just that, but it’s the wrong kind.  As for change, all he’s done is change back to Clinton, FDR era, and Soviet politics.  I think even FDR would say he’s too far left.  Obama is going far beyond trying to help this country; he’s trying to take it in a completely socialist direction.  I don’t know about you, but his plans look more and more like old school Soviet tactics.  Not something I’m looking forward to.  It’s change alright, but not the kind I want any part of!  Now, let’s talk about hope.  The only hope Obama has inspired in me is hope that things won’t be as bad as they appear to be.  I have hope that I’ll still be able to have a say in my children’s upbringing when he is finished.  I have hope that I’ll still be able to own my home and be able to strive for success.  And, I have hope that Conservatism will make a comeback (after all, we had to have Carter to get Reagan). 

So, I was reading a very interesting article over at Ask Heritage (part of The Heritage Foundation), about this stimulus.  It is amazing how truly bad this plan is!  Thank goodness for the House Republicans and 11 Democrats who voted against it (in a truly bi-partisan vote)!  I only have hope that the Senate Republicans will have the same brains and courage to stand up for not only Conservative values, but what is right.  Anyway, check out this article and the real costs of this so-called stimulus package.  By the way, they are just going to call any spending and tax increases “stimulus” so that the vast majority of drive-by media watching Americans will think it is a good thing.  So check out this graphic.  Not the kind of spending I’m into! 


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So, I was tickled pink Friday night when I heard on Casey Hendrickson‘s show, on KXNT, that economists are now recommending that Yucca Mountain be used to store nuclear waste!  They are calling on Harry Reid to stop opposing it and admit that the science behind it is sound, which it is.  There is just no way that any of the waste could get into the Las Vegas drinking water.  The science is there, and Harry Reid should stop catering and pandering to the environmental and leftist groups and do what is best for this state, for a change!  Our state could benefit significantly financially from this!  Supporting storing the waste at Yucca Mountain would be the best thing, but I don’t think for a minute Harry Reid will actually do it.  Science and truth really don’t mean much to him. 

Also, in favor of Yucca Mountain is State Senator Barbara Cegavske.  She is introducing a bill in the State Senate to eliminate the state agency responsible for opposing Yucca Mountain.  Yes, folks, there really is a state agency dedicated soley to trying to stop Yucca Mountain.  (And people wonder why we have budget problems.)  So, I’m very pleased with Senator Cegavske and what she is trying to do.  I love it when people do the right thing!  It’s time for our Republican leadership, locally and nationally to realize that they need to stand up for what’s right for the people of this state and country.

We need to support our leadership when they do the right thing!  Please call or e-mail Senator Cegavske and tell her that you are behind her!  Call her at (702) 873-0711, or e-mail her at bcegavske@sen.state.nv.us

On the same note, we need to tell our leadership what we want them to do!  Please call or e-mail Senator Reid and tell him to do what is right for the state and get behind the Yucca Mountain project!  Call him at 1-866-736-7343 or  (202)  224-3542, or send him an e-mail by clicking here.

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