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I know it happened earlier this week, but I’m just now getting to my blog, and I wanted to comment about Arlin Specter.  So, after almost 30 years in Washington, he’s decided to officially change his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.  There are a lot of people out there that are really worked up about this.  “This will give the Democrats the filibuster-proof majority!”  “Now the Democrats have the 60 votes they need!”  And other such statements.  Well, personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.  He was already voting liberal.  He was going to vote with them anyway!  It’s not like he’s magically started voting with the Democrats.  By switching parties, he just formally did what he’s been doing for a long, long time.  I, quite frankly, am glad that he left the party and I wish he’d take some of the other RINO’s, like Snow and Collins, with him!  He is truly helping the Republican party by leaving, because people will not associate his horrible votes with the Republicans.  It’s about time we got rid of some of the trash!  (Especially when he says that he switched parties because he thought the Republicans were moving too far to the rightReally, I was thinking that we’re farther left than we have ever been! ) I hope the people in Pennsylvania get a really good CONSERVATIVE Republican to run against him, because he will be done then!  And, that would be fabulous!  It’s better that the RINO’s leave the party, so we can get ourselves together and get back on a truly conservative platform!  Hey everyone, remember Ronald Reagan?????  Yeah, let’s go back to those principles- and here’s a newsflash- THEY WORK!!!

So, another interesting development was the announcement that Supreme Court Justice Souter will be retiring, which means that President Obama will have the opportunity to fill a seat on the Supreme Court.  Interestingly enough, Souter was appointed by Bush 41, which no one would really be able to tell by the way he’s voted.  He’s moved farther and farther left.  So, having Obama appoint someone to fill his seat won’t really change the make-up of the Court.  It’s going to be interesting, though, because who ever he appoints will have to first make it through the Judiciary Committee.  To get out of the Committee, the nominee will have to have at least one Republican vote.  As a member of that committee, Senator Arlin Specter has often been that vote.  Well, now that he’s changed parties, he can’t be that vote any more, so the President is likely to have to put someone up as a nominee that is a little bit more moderate than he would like.  An ultra-liberal appointee is not going to make it through now.  Way to go, Senator Specter!

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