I’ve been thinking about this for quite a long time, and I’d really like to talk about Obamacare and some of my thoughts on it.

Let me start by saying that I don’t believe our freedoms have ever been under the attack they are now.  The nanny state has gone into full swing and has become a tyrannical monster!  Think about it.  Remember the Amish farm that was selling milk that the government shut down?  How about a couple days ago when a farmer was forced to close down his roadside ice cream stand because the government said so?  And, I can think of several little lemonade stands children have had to close down because the government said.  And, did you hear that bake sales are now banned in Massachusetts?  A few days ago, a Utah high school was fined $15,000 for selling a soda during lunch.  Because we certainly can’t have people choosing for themselves what they will drink.  A few months ago, we saw stories coming out of North Carolina about how children who had healthy lunches packed from home had their lunches taken and replaced with a school lunch because a government inspector decided the healthy lunches from home were not up to state standards, but chicken nuggets were.  And, remember when the City of San Francisco banned Happy Meals at McDonald’s because of the toys in them?  Because apparently we can’t trust parents to make the correct decisions about feeding their children.

So much for Father Knows Best.  The government knows best right??  What’s the phrase?  We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

Now, these are just a few examples; there are so many more.

So the question is, why is the government getting involved in what we eat?  Why does the government feel the need to tell people what they can and cannot eat?  Ahhh…good questions.

The answer is simple.  The government thinks you and I are too stupid to make the choices they think are correct.  Yeah, if McDonald’s sells me a toy, I’m totally going to buy a Happy Meal.  I was going to go home and eat salad and mixed vegetables, but that Happy Meal toy pushed me over the edge.  I just couldn’t resist.  WHAT?!?!

This is ridiculous.  All of it.

BUT….it’s not just about our collective stupidity.  It’s about money.  Yeah, that’s right.  It’s about money.

See, here’s how this works.  Under Obamacare, the government will pay for everyone’s health care.  Now, if someone has unhealthy eating habits, they are likely to be unhealthier than those that eat healthy foods.  And, if they are unhealthy, that means more money the government has to pay for their healthcare (yes, suddenly they are caring about what they are spending).  So, if they intervene and save you from your stupid self, they won’t have to pay as much in the long run for your health care.

But, it’s not just the food that’s an issue.  Did you know that a little while back, the government changed their recommendations on how often women should have a mammogram?  The recommendation went from being once a year to once every two years, and in some cases every five or ten years.  Holy cow, that sure seems to go against all the conventional wisdom we’ve been told.  So, why change it?  To save money on the tests.

How about vaccines?  Now, I’m not against vaccines, not at all.  But, I am against being forced to get them.  I do believe people should have the right to choose whether or not they want any or all of them.  However, in some states, little girls are required to get a vaccine that is supposed to prevent certain types of the HPV virus, which can lead to cervical cancer.  The problem is, it’s only those forms of the virus that are passed solely trough sexual activity. So, now we have to have our 10 and 11 year old girls being vaccinated against an STD?  But, the nanny knows best, right?

There certainly are many more examples, but in the interest of time and interest, I’ll stop there.

So, what does this have to do with homeschooling??  Stick with me, here.

Here’s the thing.  When the government starts dictating to you what you can and can’t eat, what medical tests you can and can’t have, what medications you can and can’t have, what doctors you can and can’t see, they’ve already gone into the most personal parts of your life.  When the government takes over your medical care- the very thing you depend on for your health and well being- they’ve crossed a line on a very intimate level.  When the government is mandating your life and death decisions, everything else looks like small potatoes.  Telling students they can’t drink soda suddenly doesn’t seem like that big of a deal when they are telling your grandma that she can’t have her medication because she’s too old.  Perspective.

Or, rather, it’s the Overton Window.  The Overton Window is basically the theory that the government (or whatever power) can alter people’s sense of normalcy by slowly changing what is acceptable.  The example I like to use is with gas prices.  Remember way back when, when gas hit $2.00 a gallon, and everyone was outraged?  But, we were told there was nothing to be done.  It would only be temporary.  And, finally, at least it wasn’t $3.00 or $4.00 a gallon.  At least we weren’t in Europe, where it was much higher.  So, people started just accepting the prices.  And what happened??  They stayed there for a while, then started climbing again.  And we heard the same answers, the same talking points.  And it’s still going.  Up, up, up!  And we still here the same rhetoric.  Boy, I’d sure love $2.00 gasoline now!  See, how that works, over a matter of just a few years, our view of what is normal has shifted.  That’s what the Overton Window is.  The views of normal are slowly shifted until we accept what we initially thought was unacceptable.

That’s likely how it will be with Obamacare.  Start now, by regulating soda in school or kids’ lunches.  We all think it’s awful now, but just give it time.  How complacent we are likely to become to those things, once the government starts telling us what medications we are allowed to have.  Our views will forever be changed.

Ok, back to homeschooling.

As I said earlier, under Obamacare, the government is going to be involved in your intimate daily life, and it’s all under the guise of doing what is best for the mindless citizenry.  So, if the government can mandate your life and death decisions, what will stop them from regulating other aspects of life, too??  Nothing.

If the government already thinks we are too stupid to make our own food and medical choices, don’t you think that they will soon think we are too stupid to educate our own children??  Plus, they aren’t going to want to have children being taught anything contrary to what the governmental powers that be deem good and acceptable.

When the government becomes involved in the intimate details of a person’s life, when and where to they stop??


Just to follow up on my last post.  I think people need to understand what the Weather Underground was and who these people are that helped to launch Barack Obama’s political career.

Back in 2005, I wrote a paper on the Weather Underground for a class I was taking.  I thought it appropriate to share that at this point.  So, if you look up at the top of the page, you’ll see a new tab called The Weather Underground, and that’s where you can find it.  Please know, that although only two sources are cited in the paper, many more were used as part of my research.  You can also get to the paper by clicking here.

In the last couple of days, the news has come out that the President has released a list of some private citizens who have donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign.  According to the Wall Street Journal article, these donors were demonized and made to sound criminal, though they have committed no crimes.  The idea is to make Mitt Romney look bad by making those who contribute to him look bad.

President Obama isn’t the first president to use this tactic.  Richard Nixon did it too.  However, after the outrage the American people expressed at such techniques, those who followed Nixon chose not to do the same.  Until now.

Look, I can’t really fault President Obama for looking at those who donate and support Mitt Romney.  I don’t think the actions of these donors are anything bad, and neither do many Republicans.  But, I do believe it is a fair and reasonable thing to do to look at the people supporting a candidate.  So that begs the question:  Who is looking into Obama’s donors and supporters??

If we follow the President’s reasoning, we could certainly tell a lot about Barack Obama by those who support him and donate to his campaign.  Now, the mainstream media didn’t do this in 2008, and likely won’t do it this year either.  And because they weren’t willing to vet Obama, we ended up with someone in the White House who works to lead the United States into a socialist country, and calls the Constitution a “charter of negative liberties.”  Because they weren’t willing to vet Obama, we have someone in the White House who has contempt toward those who are financially successful (never mind his millions).  Because they weren’t willing to vet Obama, we have someone in the White House who believes capitalism and free market principles are evil.  Since the mainstream media, which the majority of Americans watch and listen to and believe, will not do the job they should, the rest of us have to.

So, let’s take a look at some of those who support Obama and contribute to his campaign.  If we are to judge Romney by that, let’s do the same for Obama.

Here are some of his supporters, in no particular order.

Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn:  Married, college    professors, and once leaders of the domestic terrorist group The Weather Underground.  They were responsible for many bombings in the 1960’s and 1970’s, including a New York City police station and the US Capitol Building.  In an article that appeared, ironically, on September 11, 2001, in the New York Times, Bill Ayers, stated:  “I don’t regret setting bombs, I feel we didn’t do enough.”  REALLY?!  The Weather Underground did some absolutely awful things.  Too many to list here.  Look them up, then ask yourself if the President of the United States should have these people in his close circle.  (Oh, did I      mention, Obama began his political career IN THE HOME OF AYERS AND DOHRN?) The Weather Underground was also part of Students for a Democratic Society.  Look them up too.  No good.

     Jeremiah Wright:  Reverend, Pastor Emeritus at Trinity United Church – the church the Obama’s attended for over 20 years, anti-American, anti-Semite.  The man who married the Obama’s and baptized their two daughters, Reverend Wright has not been shy with his hateful remarks (this is just one, out of many examples).   One must ask themselves why it is that our President attended this man’s church for 20 years and how he could sit for 20 years in the pews and not come away with some of the same beliefs espoused by the Reverend Wright?  Look it up, see what he’s said, then ask yourself if the President of the United States should be associating with someone like that.

Louis Farrakhan:  Leader of the Nation of Islam, anti-American, anti-Semitic.  He has consistently been hateful toward Israel and Jewish people and the United States.  This is not the kind of person the President of the United States should be associating himself with.  Look him up too, and ask yourself why Barack Obama would be associating with this man.

Raul Castro:  Brother of Fidel Castro and leader of Communist Cuba.  Don’t you feel better knowing a Communist dictator supports having Barack Obama for our President?

Daniel Ortega:  President of Nicaragua, devout Marxist.  Yet another winner of a leader supporting our President.  Makes you wonder why Communists and Marxists would be supporting him, doesn’t it?

Sean Penn:  Hollywood actor, outspoken activist and Socialist.  Sean Penn has made clear where he sits on the political spectrum and it is so very far to the left.  He has played buddy buddy with Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez (also a communist) and former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (also a communist).  He spouts hateful anti-American rhetoric, yet stays loyal to President Obama.  What is going on there?

Other groups supporting President Obama:  Socialist Party USA, Communist Party Illinois (among others), the New Black Panther Party (a very violent group), and Hamas (an Islamic terrorist group).

These are just some of his supporters.  I haven’t even begun on who actually works in the White House under this President.

I think it is time the country woke up and saw President Obama for what he really is.  You really need to ask yourself why are these anti-American people supporting Barack Obama?  What do they know about him and why would they want him to be in control of the White House?  Educate yourself.  Don’t just follow blindly what the media tells you about Obama.

President Obama wants to look at Mitt Romney’s supporters, that’s just fine with me.  But I will surely do the same with President Obama’s.

I’ve been hearing all kinds of class warfare rhetoric lately.  Well, not just lately, really for the last 3 years, but it’s been amplified lately.  Why??  Because Mitt Romney is running for President.  That makes a difference, you see, because Mitt Romney is rich.  He’s not Bill Gates rich, but the man has a ridiculous amount of money.  I mean, the guy is totally loaded.

So, apparently, that’s a bad thing.  I think I missed the memo on that, because I’m confused.

I thought the “American Dream” was to be able to work hard and earn money and do better and get more money and so on.  People could work hard, maybe start their own business and become really successful.  I think the dream has turned into a nightmare.  See, now when you become super successful, you become the villain – and, it doesn’t even matter what you do with that money.

The new mantra is we need to take money from those evil rich people and give it to the poor.  (Can anyone say Robin Hood?  – but more on that later.)  The poor (and by that I don’t mean those who are really poor, those people living on the street, or living with bare cupboards; I mean those people who would rather pay for their cable TV and cell phones than their own food.  I mean those who live off the taxpayers and have ginormous televisions and nice vehicles in the drive way.) have become heroes, while those who pay for their food and government housing have become the bad guys.  Are you as confused by this as I am?

I just don’t get it.  And, I’m left with several questions.  When did becoming successful and rich become bad?  When did the “American Dream” get turned totally on it’s head?  How much money do you earn before you become bad?  How much of a person’s money should they be allowed to keep?  Why is being filthy stinking rich a bad thing?  Why are we rewarding idleness and punishing hard work?

I keep asking my liberal friends and I can’t get an answer.

Really, what I believe is that if you are in power, and want to fundamentally change this country, perhaps run with socialist and Marxist principles, you have to make the wealthy the villains and make the poor (who again, really aren’t poor) completely dependent on the government, and then you get away with it by calling it “fair.”

Well, folks, life isn’t fair.  Sometimes that really sucks.  But, it’s fact.

As for me, I love rich people.  I wish I was one of them, but I am most definitely not.  I love rich people though, because they create jobs.  I love them because (for the most part) they are hard workers.  They often became rich because they had a brilliant idea.  I say hooray for them!  I hope I can be as rich as Mitt Romney some day!  I also hope I can give million upon millions of dollars to charities, just as Mitt Romney does.  I hope the principles of capitalism win out over those of Karl Marx.  And you can bet your government check I’ll be teaching my children to strive to be successful and that they,  with enough hard work and ingenuity, can become stinking rich one day too!

I recently saw a graphic from the left about what republicans have supposedly done to our country.  If I’m totally honest, it made me pretty upset.  Just another example of how vilified republicans and conservatives are.  It’s getting really annoying.  And, I’d really like to see the facts on some of these claims.  I mean, when I don’t like a policy, I can tell you exactly why, and back it up with history and facts.  As much as I’ve asked people to explain some of these things to me and give me any evidence, I’ve yet to get any.  Why is it those on the left can get away with all kinds of lies and manipulation of the truth and a republican says fact about why they don’t like a liberal policy and suddenly they are the hateful one?  What the heck is that about?!

Anyhow, I thought I’d share the picture here and give you all my thoughts on it.

First, here’s the picture:


Now, I’d like to share my thoughts on these things.  One by one, here we go.  Please tell me if I’m missing something.

  • War on Women’s reproductive rights. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE BIRTH CONTROL AWAY!!! Let me repeat that. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE BIRTH CONTROL AWAY!!! Just because some people don’t personally believe in birth control doesn’t mean they want to pass legislation to take it away from people. We just don’t believe the government should tell a PRIVATE business what they have to cover. Also, we believe killing babies through abortion is wrong. (Incidentally, if someone kills a pregnant woman, they are charged with two counts of murder. But, apparently if a woman wants to kill her own baby, that’s ok??)
  • Second, NO ONE IS TRYING TO END WIC. We simply believe that there should be checks and balances to these systems and that they would be better run not by the government but by private churches and charities. We also believe that there are way too many abuses and much waste in these programs. We also don’t believe illegal immigrants should receive these benefits.
  • Third: War on NPR. You’ve got to be kidding right?! Seriously, that is a load of bologna. Did you know that tax payer dollars support NPR? My thought is this: if NPR is so well liked, why can’t it make it as a regular radio station would? Or, why can’t those who like it, be the ones who pay for it? I see NPR as a largely left leaning organization. I don’t personally like my tax dollars supporting that. I highly doubt liberals would like it if tax dollars went to support Fox News or Sean Hannity or something similar. I mean, geez-  look how the left is trying so hard to get Rush Limbaugh off the air, and his show is paid for privately.  My question is this:  What business does the government have being in the radio or television business in the first place?
  • Next: War on Desegregation. Somebody please explain this to me!  When did republicans ever try to end or undo segregation? Again I ask, what evidence is there that republicans are racist? Because we by and large disagree with the President’s policies? Disagreeing with someone who happens to be black DOES NOT MAKE SOMEONE RACIST!
  • Next: War on Marriage equality and anti-gay agenda. Ok, I can see how you could see it that way. I believe marriage is ordained of God and is a sacred institution. I believe that institution should be between one man and one woman. However, that doesn’t mean I hate gay people or that I am homophobic or that I have some anti-gay crusade going on. I simply believe that the family is a sacred unit.  I’m all for people being with whomever they would like.  I might disagree with the choices people make, but that’s their business not mine.  I just don’t think we should go about changing what marriage is, for a whole host of reasons, none of which is that I hate gay people- because, despite popular belief, I don’t.  If all republicans hated gay people, there certainly wouldn’t be any gay republicans.  And, there definitely are a good number of gay republicans.
  • Next: War on Net neutrality. Yup, that’s true. I hate net neutrality. I think it is a HUGE mistake for the government to start regulating something else. The government has never successfully gotten itself involved in something in the private sector. I don’t care to have to government regulating my internet access and usage.  And, besides that, I truly believe it is a very slippery slope.  It wouldn’t take long before the government would start banning websites and censoring information, all the in name of national security.
  • Ok, next: birthers. Nope, just a few people out there are what we would call birthers and most of us think they are nuts. Not a popular republican belief at all.  Anti-Obama agenda? Seriously? Yeah, just because people disagree with him and propose legislation that goes against what he would like doesn’t make them anti-Obama. This has been going on since the founding of our country, over 200 years ago. Congressmen propose legislation that goes against what other congressmen or the President would like. It’s part of the system and how it was designed to be, in order to make sure one person or party doesn’t have all the power. It has nothing to do with Anti-Obama. Anti-socialism, but not anti-Obama.
  • Next, war on unions, etc. Yes, I believe they are right one that one. I think unions, though they once did good and had a place, they have become bloated and too powerful. I believe they largely are after padding their own pockets and not what is best for the worker. A lot of that comes from when a family member worked for the teacher’s union. To say they are corrupt is a huge understatement. Also, look at the UAW. Because they forced automakers to pay for things they couldn’t afford, a whole city got screwed. Now, if you compare that with companies like Toyota, who are non-union. They have US plants with plenty of workers, who are kept safe and are paid well. They make quality vehicles and make a profit every year and they towns they are in are thriving.
  • War on the middle class. Just wrong. That’s all. Here’s another one I’ll need someone to explain that to me.
  • Next: War on immigration. Sorry, just wrong. We are against ILLEGAL immigration and believe the immigration system needs to be changed so people can come here easier, LEGALLY. Illegal immigration is bad. Legal immigration is awesome.
  • Next: War on child labor laws. WHAT!?!?  That one doesn’t even make logical sense!  Can anyone explain that one to me because I’m at a complete loss here.
  • Next: War on the right to vote. Now, all of a sudden, wanting people to show their ID when voting (to ensure they are who they saw they are) is a war on the right to vote?  How that is in any way wrong?  And, while we are at it, how is it racist?
  • Next: war on Islam. Sorry, wrong again. War on terrorists, yes. But, we understand that the Islamic people that we would call terrorists are just a small part of that religion. We know that you can’t judge a whole religion by a few crazy fanatics. We also believe that people like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who deny the holocaust happened, say they want to kill all Jews, and want to wipe Israel and America off the map, are dangerous nuts who hide behind their religion. But we do not judge the religion as a whole by those crazy people.
  • Next: War on science. That makes no sense. What have republicans done that demonstrates this? I LOVE science! Again, looking for an explanation of this. War on the environment: Wrong again. We believe we need to take care of our environment. Despite the liberal painting of us as people who want to poison the water, pollute the air, cut down all the trees, and kill the polar bears, we actually do care about the planet and the animals. We also care about the people here. Sometimes, the needs of the people interfere with a pretty tree. We will choose people over the tree. As for global warming, even though Al Gore (with his private jets and suv’s) would tell you that we are all killing the earth, that’s simply not ever been proven to be true. The fact is, if people on the left would  learn some of that science that they claim we hate, they would learn the earth, along with the Sun and other planets, goes through warming and cooling cycles. It’s happened since the creation of the universe. And, another pesky fact is that the average temperature of the earth has been declining since 1999.
  • War on Health: Oops, wrong again. I know some on the left would have you believe that we don’t want kids with autism and down’s syndrome to get the care they need, or grandma to get the medicine she needs, but that simply isn’t true. (By the way, we are the ones by and large fighting for those same kids with downs syndrome not to be aborted just because they have a disability, and for no one to be able to kill grandma just because she’s old.  We value every single human life!)  We want everyone to have medical care. EVERYONE! We just don’t think the government should be in charge of it. Really, what has the government ever run successfully? And people want to hand their health care over to them?!?! No thank you. I’d much rather have the government out of it and go back to a system before Medicare and Medicaid drove up the costs of all medical care. If you were to look back to the 1960’s, for example, many times doctors would be able to treat someone for free or very reduced, when they couldn’t pay for it. Sometimes they would trade services. But, people took care of each other. That’s how it should be. But then the government got involved and everyone got screwed. Also, please show me one country where socialized medicine has worked successfully. It hasn’t. It fails the people every time. So to summarize, we want everyone to have health care, even grandma.
  • Next: war on education. What?? We actually love education. We don’t love teacher’s unions and things that get in the way of kids getting a good education. But, we love education. We actually advocate for school choice, in order to give kids more of an opportunity to succeed and get a better education. I just don’t see how someone can claim we have a war on education. War on historical revisionism. Yes, that is very true. History has been warped and changed throughout the decades, and it largely started with the progressive movement in the early 1900’s. But, I’m sure both sides have revised history, which is too bad. The only way to get real truth in history is to go back to original sources. However, I think what was meant by that is that republicans are the ones changing history. I’m sure there has been changing of history by both the right and left, but by and large it’s been the progressive movement that has changed things. It’s very easy to trace. Someone please help me understand this better, too.


OK- that’s the whole thing.  Rant done.  Love to hear your thoughts!


I feel the need to address the issue of birth control.  While this wasn’t an issue before it was manufactured at the GOP debate with George Stephanopoulos, it has since become quite the hot button issue.  This is in large part due to the main stream media (MSM).

During the January 7, 2012 debate in New Hampshire, Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney about whether he believed states had the right to ban birth control.  Rather dumbfounded, Romney called him out on the question and rightly stated that no states want to do that so it was a non-issue.  Other candidates agreed.  At the time, it seemed a rather silly question and most of us didn’t think much about it after the debate.  Well…

Except the White House.  Seems to most of us now, that this question was put into the debate to spark interest in the issue.  See, the White House was soon to announce the new birth control mandate in the health care bill.  This new mandate, among other things, required religious institutions, such as Catholic Hospitals and Catholic employers, to provide birth control to patients or employees.  Well, naturally, this didn’t sit well with the Catholic Church (or any of us who believe in religious freedom), as the Catholic Church does not believe in birth control.  How could the government institute a mandate that would require a person or group to have to go against their religious beliefs.

So, the Catholic Church rightly called foul on this new mandate.  We can’t have a law that goes against religious beliefs, whatever those may be.  Then, President Obama changed the mandate to accommodate the religious objections.  He said health insurance will have to cover contraception (including drugs that cause abortions)- FREE.  Yeah, that’s right, I said FREE.  So, now President Obama is right that it isn’t a religious issue.  It is however, an economic one.  Now we have the White House telling PRIVATE COMPANIES what services they must provide and how much they must charge for them.   Yeah, that’s not allowed, either.  But, then again when has the President cared about silly things like the Constitution?!

So that’s where we are at right now.  Now, I’d like to share my thoughts on the birth control issue.

First of all, I fully acknowledge that some women use birth control pills to treat medical conditions.  I have endometriosis.  I get it.  I understand how valuable the hormone therapy is.  I still don’t think, however, that the government should be forcing a company to provide medication for such conditions.

What I really want to address are those people who want birth control to use as birth control.  First, let me say, I’m glad people want to be “responsible” when they have sex.  However, aren’t you asking someone else to take responsibility when you are asking them to pay for it??  Since this is an issue the left as rallied behind, I decided to check out their own Planned Parenthood’s website.  According to the website, birth control pills only cost between $15-$50 a month.  It just doesn’t seem like that much to me.  I mean, if you want to make the choice to have sex, maybe you should make sure you can actually afford to do so, instead of passing on the responsibility to someone else.

Which brings me to one Sandra Fluke.  Georgetown law student.  Feminist extraordinaire.  Ms. Fluke testified before Congress about how important it is for the government to get involved and make sure everyone gets free birth control.  And she talked about how it was costing her $3000 a year for birth control.  Wait…WHAT?!?!

Let me get this straight.  The left says we have to fund Planned Parenthood because of all they do for women’s health.  They tout Planned Parenthood as a wonderful organization that is only there to help women.  And, according to Planned Parenthood, birth control only costs between $15-$50 a month.  If I do my math right, that is $50 times 12 months.  That puts us at $600 a year for birth control pills.  But it is costing Ms. Fluke $3000?!  What kind of birth control is she using??  Good grief!

Not only was her testimony insincere and phony, her numbers don’t even make sense.  This who issue has become one big dog and pony show designed to make the GOP look terrible and awful in the eyes of women.  Except, it’s not working.  The liberals, who wouldn’t vote for a Republican anyway, still think the government should cover birth control.  Heck, they’d probably create a department to be in charge of handing out birth control pills on street corners.  But, those of us on the right, who don’t want the government involved in any aspect of our health care, think the Ms. Fluke and this manufactured issue are ridiculous.  While the left paints the GOP as not wanting women to have birth control, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  We have no problem with birth control pills, we just want you to pay for them yourselves.  Somewhere along the way, personal responsibility became a bad thing??

Speaking of personal responsibility, I have an earth-shattering idea.  Hold on now, I don’t know if you’ll be able to handle this.  Are you ready???

If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex.

WHOA!  Did I just blow your mind right there?!

Seems like a crazy idea, but it might just work!  If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t do the one thing that gets you pregnant.  Simple enough to me.

Having sex is a choice.  You do not have to do it.  You can actually choose not to.

By asking the government or a private company to pay for your birth control pills, you are saying, “I want to make the grown-up decision to have sex, but I’m not willing to handle any of the responsibilities of it.  That is someone else’s job.”

Let me throw this scenario out there.  Suppose your neighbor came knocking at your door and said, “My boyfriend and I want to have sex.  Can you please come to the store with me and buy my birth control for me?”  What would you say?

I know I would tell her no and council her to grow up before making the grown-up decisions.  Why should it be my responsibility to provide her with her birth control??  It shouldn’t.  Pure and simple.

There is simply NO reason, what so ever, for the government to get involved in this.

It sickens me how much personal responsibility has gone out the window; how lacking and hypocritical this society is.  Don’t tell me what I can do with my body, but give me free birth control.  What a load of crap.  Grow up people.   One day you are going to have the government so involved in every aspect of your lives that you may not be able to even choose what cereal you have for breakfast.  You want the government involved in your lives.  Be careful what you wish for….it’s a very slippery slope.

I gave up on this blog a while ago, as you can easily tell by the date of my last post.  Mostly, I just had a lot of things competing for my time, and this was not on the top of my priority list.  I still have a lot of demands on my time, but I’m managing them much better.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking for quite a while that I should resurrect this thing and use it for what I originally intended it for.  I’ve had so many thoughts lately swirling around in my head, mostly about politics.  What can I say?  That’s just how I’m wired.  I just need a place to get it all out.

Alright, topic number one:  Being a hateful republican.

So, here’s where I am at.  I am sick and tired of people saying that I am racist, homophobic,  anti-old people, anti-young people, anti-healthcare, against the poor, hateful and tyrannical, and let’s not forget that I obviously hate the planet.  I’m sure I missed some, but you get the point.

I really need someone to explain to me how being a conservative, a republican and someone who identifies with the TEA party makes me any of these things?  Because last time I checked, I’m not.  I’m really tired of being endlessly bashed just because I want a smaller, more responsible government.  It’s quite absurd, really.

Honestly, there comes a point where I just have to say enough is enough!  I’m sick and tired of sitting back and allowing people to label me this way.  And, I’ve found, when I ask people to explain it to me- to explain to me why they believe those things, they can’t.  Explain any logical reasoning behind their claims.  There is simply no evidence.  It’s simply liberal talking points and very untrue stereotypes.  It’s sad, really, that this is what we’ve come to.  The left really feels the only way to accomplish their radical goals is to dupe the country into believing that those of us on the right are full of hate and vitriol.  Because, really, who wants to be associated with people who hate?  It’s a basic fear tactic.  If they call people racist or homophobic or something similar in nature, others will not want to join them. Well, guess what, just because I disagree with the President’s policies doesn’t make me a racist.  It makes me someone who disagrees with his policies.

Here’s my message for the left:  Frightening people away by labeling us racists and such will not stop the truth from coming out.  Facts are facts.  And, the fact is, in countries where liberal policies are tried, they fail.  That’s a fact.  Look at Greece.  Look at France.  Look at Spain.  Heck, Western Europe is in a HUGE mess and it is because of the failed liberal policies of entitlement they have enacted across the continent. And by liberal, I mean socialist, because, let’s be honest here, that’s what it is.  When you take from one to give to another, you have socialism.    You cannot force charity and that’s what many of these entitlements are doing.  Take from some (notice how those people aren’t given a choice as to whether or not they want to help) and give to others.  Socialism, baby.  Wouldn’t Marx be proud?!

Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

I know the hate mongering from the left won’t stop.  In fact, it’s likely to just get worse.  Let them label me whatever they will, but, I can, and will, combat those lies with the truth.  I refuse to sit back and be lied about any longer.  I know who I am and what I believe, and I will stand up for those things which I believe to be right and true.