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Politics.  It’s all about politics.  This ill conceived “war on women” the left says is taking place.  It’s all about politics.  Nothing more.

As a woman, I feel qualified to speak on this issue.

First of all, let me state this.  There is a war on women going on in this country right now.  But it’s not coming from the right.  And, it’s not manifesting itself the way the left portrays it.

I’m going to be very bold here, and I make no apologies for it.  Some will not like what I have to say, but that’s OK.

The “war on women” is being waged by the progressives in this country.  It all started back at the beginning of the twentieth century, and was done in a stealthy way.  Getting women to participate and be the champions of the cause- pretty brilliant.  I don’t think any of those early activists realized they were being used.  Pawns in a much more elaborate plan- tear down the family and you will tear down society.  Tear down the family and society, and you create a people dependent on the government for providing for them.  Create a people dependent on the government, and get all the power.

It started off sounding great.  Give women the vote.  I fully believe women should have the ability to vote.  Everyone who can should vote.  Women fought long and hard for that, and they should have.  It’s after getting the nineteenth amendment passed that things took a turn for the worse, and namely after WWII.  But getting the vote, women’s suffrage, that’s what planted the seeds for “women’s liberation.”

And my question is this, what did we need to be liberated from????  We’ll get back to that.

During WWII, women had to go to work, as so many men were fighting for our freedom.  It was a noble cause, and those women should be applauded for stepping up to the jobs that needed to be done.  But then the war ended and those men came back to their jobs.  Many of the women went back to being homemakers, but some did not.  Enter the 1950’s.

When I think of the 1950’s, I get an instant image of June Cleaver in her heals and pearls and apron.  I mean, really, doesn’t everyone?  And that’s where things fall apart.  Suddenly being Mrs. Cleaver wasn’t enough.  I mean, really, it was Ward who ran things in that family, right?  And that’s no good, right?  I mean, we can’t have women being treated like second class citizens, right?  Wasn’t it better when the women were a large part of the workforce during the war?  Why just be a wife or mom?  There is so much more to life than that, right?

During the 1960’s, the country was turned on it’s head and shaken up a bit.  The radical leftest movements of the 60’s forever changed our country and our mentality.  Women took their fight to a whole new level.  Burning bras and free love.  No more being oppressed, right?  Women were showing they were a force to be reckoned with and no one was going to keep them down any more, right?  Because nothing says take me seriously like sleeping around and burning your underwear in the streets.

And as time went on, more and more women left the home and went to work and had someone else take care of their children. But they were empowered, right?  I mean, they missed their children’s first steps and first words, but they had everything, right?  A career, a family.  What more could a woman want, right??

As all of this was happening, something else happened too.  More and more, women had many sexual partners.  Because that was liberation, right?  That’s what the left taught us.  Free love.  Don’t be tied down.  And as more and more women became more and more casual with sex, more and more men became more casual with love (and by love, I mean actually loving a woman and valuing her and cherishing her).  And as the love between the sexes became more casual, more and more men stopped acting like gentlemen and became focused on their next sexual conquest.  Sex became less and less about making love and more about making jolly.  But, that’s liberation, right???

And, as sex became nothing but part of a date, pregnancies increased (tends to happen that way).  And because women were so liberated, they didn’t need children, right?  Wouldn’t kids just get in the way of their careers and their travels and such???  So, women had abortions.  Because it became easier to kill the babies instead of loving them.  But that’s liberation, right?????

So, let me get this straight.  According to the left in this country, who have, over the course of the last hundred years, drastically changed the way we, as a society, view women, we are liberated???  Because giving your body away, killing your babies, making your career more important than your family, having someone else raise the children you do decided to have, not being valued by your husband/boyfriend/one night stand – somehow, those things make you important and liberated???  Yeah, I just don’t get that.  Not at all.

Let me tell you something.  Having sex with a man just because doesn’t make you free.  In fact, it makes you a piece of meat.  You really think that all those men you sleep with really value you and think you are important??  I think not.  When you give yourself away like that, you are saying that you don’t value yourself enough to be with someone that loves you and deeply cares for you.  That doesn’t sound like any kind of liberation I want.  When you are pregnant and decided to kill that child because you just don’t want a child, that doesn’t make you free or liberated or anything else.  It makes you, at best, exceptionally selfish.  You are willing to kill a human being because you’ve been told all this time that it was your right.  What a barbaric society we’ve become when we kill our own children.  That does not make you of great worth or liberated from oppression, or any other thing that’s good.  When you choose to leave your children in the care of someone else so you can build up some great career, that doesn’t make you free.  I know several women who have to work; they don’t have a choice.  They hate leaving their children every day.  They hate missing milestones and important moments in their children’s lives.  They hate feeling like they don’t have as strong of a bond with their children as they would like.  And, you know what else?  Society has suffered greatly from so many children being raised by daycares and such.  So many children would be in less trouble and have less problems if their moms were just there for them when they need them.

Despite being told contrary from the left, men and women are different.  We were created to be different.  We have different roles we are supposed to fill.  Men were designed to be the hunters and providers.  Women were designed to be the nurturers and caregivers.  That is our natural role.  So why does the left constantly fight for us to go against what we were designed to do.  Why do they fight so hard for us to go against our natural instincts?  That doesn’t sound like liberation to me.

In the twisted process of “women’s liberation,” we have devalued women and their natural role.  We’ve devalued motherhood and made it seem like it’s nothing.  We’ve also devalued men and made them much less masculine.  With the mentality of “we don’t need men,” we’ve devalued fatherhood, and stripped men of their natural role, too.  But, guess what?  Our children are suffering because they have absentee fathers and mothers too wrapped up with themselves.  Our society is suffering because we have so many problems from the fallout of these ideals.

How is any of this good for women?

I may laugh at the image of June Cleaver in my mind, in her heals and apron, but I wish women today would be more like her.  She embraced her natural, God-given role in life.  She nurtured her husband and children.  She enjoyed her time with friends.  She loved her children and they never doubted that.  She was their for her children whenever they needed and they knew it.  And, she had a husband that loved her, really really loved her.  A husband that would do anything for her.  A husband that recognized her value as a mother and wife and praised her for it.  That is what this society needs now.

The war on women hasn’t been waged from the right and the republicans in this country, but from the left, slowly, over several decades.  The war on women isn’t about being able to have an abortion or get free birth control.  It’s about a woman’s identity and role being trashed and smashed over time.  It’s about motherhood being attacked as something not worthwhile.  It’s about women being degraded and demeaned and feeling like they aren’t of any worth.

As little girls, most of us dream of being queens and princesses, but those ideals are lost as we mature in this world of women’s liberation.  What a sad, sad thing.  I really hope women in this country wake up, and embrace what they were born to be, “a beloved daughter of Heavenly Father, prepared to come to the earth at this particular time for a sacred and glorious purpose.”

I want to leave you women with this thought, from Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

You are truly royal spirit daughters of Almighty God. You are princesses, destined to become queens. Your own wondrous story has already begun. Your “once upon a time” is now.

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In watching recent events, I’ve come to believe more and more that this country is rapidly sliding towards Socialism, Marxism, and eventually Communism.  Extreme?  No, I truly don’t believe so.  The liberties and freedoms that have been taken from us are growing, and more and more are at risk.  So many people can’t see what is right before their eyes.  How quickly people will willingly give up their freedoms in the name of safety or entitlement or countless other excuses.  But what it really comes down to is the government controlling more and more aspects of our daily lives and our freedoms falling by the wayside.  For those who might say that this is just because I don’t like Barack Obama, think again.  This is not an Obama thing, (more…)

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I know it happened earlier this week, but I’m just now getting to my blog, and I wanted to comment about Arlin Specter.  So, after almost 30 years in Washington, he’s decided to officially change his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.  There are a lot of people out there that are really worked up about this.  “This will give the Democrats the filibuster-proof majority!”  “Now the Democrats have the 60 votes they need!”  And other such statements.  Well, personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.  He was already voting liberal.  He was going to vote with them anyway!  It’s not like he’s magically started voting with the Democrats.  By switching parties, he just formally did what he’s been doing for a long, long time.  I, quite frankly, am glad that he left the party and I wish he’d take some of the other RINO’s, like Snow and Collins, with him!  He is truly helping the Republican party by leaving, because people will not associate his horrible votes with the Republicans.  It’s about time we got rid of some of the trash!  (Especially when he says that he switched parties because he thought the Republicans were moving too far to the rightReally, I was thinking that we’re farther left than we have ever been! ) I hope the people in Pennsylvania get a really good CONSERVATIVE Republican to run against him, because he will be done then!  And, that would be fabulous!  It’s better that the RINO’s leave the party, so we can get ourselves together and get back on a truly conservative platform!  Hey everyone, remember Ronald Reagan?????  Yeah, let’s go back to those principles- and here’s a newsflash- THEY WORK!!!

So, another interesting development was the announcement that Supreme Court Justice Souter will be retiring, which means that President Obama will have the opportunity to fill a seat on the Supreme Court.  Interestingly enough, Souter was appointed by Bush 41, which no one would really be able to tell by the way he’s voted.  He’s moved farther and farther left.  So, having Obama appoint someone to fill his seat won’t really change the make-up of the Court.  It’s going to be interesting, though, because who ever he appoints will have to first make it through the Judiciary Committee.  To get out of the Committee, the nominee will have to have at least one Republican vote.  As a member of that committee, Senator Arlin Specter has often been that vote.  Well, now that he’s changed parties, he can’t be that vote any more, so the President is likely to have to put someone up as a nominee that is a little bit more moderate than he would like.  An ultra-liberal appointee is not going to make it through now.  Way to go, Senator Specter!

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I recently got an e-mail from the American Issues Project about this ad, and finally checked it out.  Wow.  It’s very eye opening. 

What do you think?

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Those around me know that I am deeply opposed to this stimulus plan that Obama wants passed.  One must ask why he feels the need to bankrupt the country even more?  And why send us even further down the Socialist and Marxist path?  The answer is easy – power.  When you make people dependent on the government, the government has absolute power in their lives.  Scary.  The man that said he was going to bring change and hope to the country is doing just that, but it’s the wrong kind.  As for change, all he’s done is change back to Clinton, FDR era, and Soviet politics.  I think even FDR would say he’s too far left.  Obama is going far beyond trying to help this country; he’s trying to take it in a completely socialist direction.  I don’t know about you, but his plans look more and more like old school Soviet tactics.  Not something I’m looking forward to.  It’s change alright, but not the kind I want any part of!  Now, let’s talk about hope.  The only hope Obama has inspired in me is hope that things won’t be as bad as they appear to be.  I have hope that I’ll still be able to have a say in my children’s upbringing when he is finished.  I have hope that I’ll still be able to own my home and be able to strive for success.  And, I have hope that Conservatism will make a comeback (after all, we had to have Carter to get Reagan). 

So, I was reading a very interesting article over at Ask Heritage (part of The Heritage Foundation), about this stimulus.  It is amazing how truly bad this plan is!  Thank goodness for the House Republicans and 11 Democrats who voted against it (in a truly bi-partisan vote)!  I only have hope that the Senate Republicans will have the same brains and courage to stand up for not only Conservative values, but what is right.  Anyway, check out this article and the real costs of this so-called stimulus package.  By the way, they are just going to call any spending and tax increases “stimulus” so that the vast majority of drive-by media watching Americans will think it is a good thing.  So check out this graphic.  Not the kind of spending I’m into! 


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So I was talking to my friend, Troy Fox, today about the situation with the governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich.  I think the whole thing is a mess and that surely with Chicago politics being what they are, Barack Obama had to at least have known about it.  And surely, Richard Daley, mayor of Chicago, had to have some involvement.  I mean, really, what goes on in that state that he doesn’t know about before hand?  Anyway, Troy shared with me his idea for Barack Obama’s senate replacement, and I thought it was fabulous!  Here goes: 

Everyone in the Democrat party is turning as fast as they can on Blagojevich.  Now, we’re used to this kind of behavior from the Republicans.  They turn on each other anytime something doesn’t look good.  But, Democrats, they’re so loyal.  But, no this time, and frankly it’s kind of enjoyable to watch them turn on each other.  Anyway, since everyone is turning on him and implicating him in any way they can, he should do the same.  He should hold a press conference, and have the feds waiting outside.  Then, he should announce that to replace Barack Obama, he is appointing the most conservative ultra right-wing republican he can.  (And if it’s a woman it’s even better.)  Then announce that his is resigning his office effective Jan 21, 2009.  After the press conference, he should go out and meet the feds and tell them everything he knows.  Troy’s thought here is that since they are all turning on him, he should do the same to them.  

Personally, I know this would never happen, but think about it for a moment.  How funny would that be?!  Can you imagine Harry Reid’s face?  Oh, I think I would pay to watch this all unfold!  The media would be in a panic.  They would be stumbling over their words.  The Democrat party would cry foul and whine, but there would be nothing they could do about it.  And, with them trying to get the fillibuster proof majority, this would be a big blow to them.  I think it would be pretty fabulous!  HA!!!

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OK, I was on board with McCain for a bit, after he picked Palin.  But, now she is becoming more and more like him.  While I still have hope that she would be good for the country, I don’t believe that I can support that ticket.  McCain just stands for too much that I disagree with.  For a time I was of the mindset that I had to do anything and everything I could to stop Obama.  I’ve struggled with this for a long time.  But, I now believe that I cannot in good conscience vote for McCain.  Obviously I won’t be voting for Obama.  So, the question then becomes, “What do I do?”  I believe that the best thing I can do is vote for a third party.  Some may say that this is a wasted vote, but I don’t think so.  After looking at and studying all the third party candidates, I have found one who echoes many of my beliefs:  Chuck Baldwin.  He is the Constitution Party candidate.  (In Nevada the Constitution Party is the Independent American Party.)  What it comes down to is that I believe that both Obama and McCain are going to bring more socialism and problems for our country.  Obama is open about it, but McCain is not.  In fact, if you look at his record, he has not supported the Constitution on many occasions.  I believe that he may have the same designs for our country as Obama, but is just trying to mask them.  Bottom line, I believe that they are both evil men.  I will post later about my reasoning for that.  Suffice it to say that I have learned more about McCain, and I don’t like it.  Incidentally, a friend of mine commented to me tonight that “McCain is the Harry Reid of the Republican Party.”  I agree.  I am also seriously considering switching my party registration. 

I need to vote for a good man, and one that upholds and honors the Constitution! 

Please visit my friend Mike’s blog to read a ton more about the Constitution, what Prophets have said, and Chuck Baldwin.

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Today marks the start of the third full week the House Republicans have taken to the floor of the House in protest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi shutting down the House and going on vacation for five weeks, without allowing a vote on their energy bill (The American Energy Act).  This is a comprehensive all inclusive bill that both sides can agree on, but she simply will not allow the vote (because she knows that she would loose).  Now, after feeling intense pressure from the American public, she has come up with her own “energy plan,” which is really worthless.  So, hooray to the House Republicans for standing their ground!  Hooray for democracy in action! 

There were a couple pretty good quotes that I liked from today. 

Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI):

“The area I come from, McComb County, is home to the Reagan Democrats.  We’re not reliably one party or the other.  We vote all over the place.  But if you look at the polling in my district, people are 70 to 80 percent supportive of more drilling.  This is not a party issue, its the people’s issue.”

She’s so right.  This really isn’t a party issue, even though the Democrat leadership has turned it into one.  This is a people issue.  I don’t know anyone, Democrat, Republican, Independent, that’s happy about our energy prices!  It truly is absolutely absurd that we are paying so much and are so dependent on other nations, when we have all we could ever need right here- off the coast, and within the states.  No other country would allow themselves to be dependent on others like we are.  It is self-imposed, and it is ridiculous! 

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI):

“Some of the folks back in Michigan drive 80 to 120 miles every day back and forth to work.  The gas prices are a hardship.  Now we’re starting to look at home heating for this winter, especially in Northern Michigan.  People are going to get hit hard twice–at the pump and at home.  This is hurting people in their personal lives and its hurting the economy.  And you have to remember the national security perspective.  It is very important we become energy independent.  Look at what is going on with Russia and Georgia.  Russia is quite willing to use energy as political leverage against Europe.  We want to make sure we at least have a debate and a vote so we don’t face a similar threat of having our energy turned off.”

I really like what he said about national security.  The issue is rarely looked at in that manner, and it should be!  This is a serious aspect of the whole issue! 

 House Republicans’ unprecedented nationwide energy protest enters its third full week today with no sign of slowing down.  Over the weekend Speaker Pelosi, clearly under pressure from American families and small businesses frustrated with the energy crisis that she has presided over, unveiled her latest “energy plan”.  Rather than offering comprehensive “all of the above” solutions supported by House Republicans and a wide majority of Americans, it’s clear that the Democratic leadership is intent on pushing the same false claims and re-packaged policies that have already been rightly rejected by both parties in Congress.

If Speaker Pelosi were serious about addressing high gas prices, she would end her five week break and call back Congress for a vote on the all-of-the-above energy reforms the American people are demanding.  Republicans’ efforts will continue in Washington and across the nation until the Speaker schedules an up-or-down vote on the American Energy Act, a truly comprehensive solution that will lower gas prices by increasing production of American energy, promoting more conservation and efficiency, and encouraging the use of alternative and renewable fuels.

 This was just the report on House Minority Leader John Boehner’s blog for today.  But, I think they put it well, so I wanted to include it. 

This issue is so important, on so many levels.  It’s about having our own energy supply, about the economy, about the American people and families, about the prices of food and goods, about national security, about so many things.  Please contact your Congressmen and tell them to get to work and vote on this critical bill!

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House Republicans are still working hard, trying to help all of us with our energy costs, while Nancy Pelosi is on her book tour. 

There were so many great quotes from today, I just recommend you read House Minority Leader John Boehner’s blog.  I especially liked this one, though. 

Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA):

“One of the things Congress is supposed to do is to pass appropriations bill to fund the government.  Usually by this time of the year most of that work has been completed.  But this year, not only have we not addressed energy; we have only passed one appropriations bill.  The Speaker has blocked consideration of appropriations bills because they want to block an amendment on off-shore drilling.  She’s held up the entire appropriations process to avoid this amendment.  But we have been busy.  We’ve considered and passed National Passport Month, Manufactured Housing Week, National Student Day, Country Music Month, Watermelon Month, and Apple Month.  Those are the priorities, unfortunately.  No time for spending bills; no time for energy.”

You’ve got to read this article from Family Security Matters

There is a great video on there, too, that I would like to share. 

I think it’s great that this Congressman is out there talking to people and collecting these signatures.  It’s nice to see these guys really out doing this stuff.  This is important and I think the reaction of those people show that.  We must do something and we must do it soon!!

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