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Today marks the start of the third full week the House Republicans have taken to the floor of the House in protest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi shutting down the House and going on vacation for five weeks, without allowing a vote on their energy bill (The American Energy Act).  This is a comprehensive all inclusive bill that both sides can agree on, but she simply will not allow the vote (because she knows that she would loose).  Now, after feeling intense pressure from the American public, she has come up with her own “energy plan,” which is really worthless.  So, hooray to the House Republicans for standing their ground!  Hooray for democracy in action! 

There were a couple pretty good quotes that I liked from today. 

Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI):

“The area I come from, McComb County, is home to the Reagan Democrats.  We’re not reliably one party or the other.  We vote all over the place.  But if you look at the polling in my district, people are 70 to 80 percent supportive of more drilling.  This is not a party issue, its the people’s issue.”

She’s so right.  This really isn’t a party issue, even though the Democrat leadership has turned it into one.  This is a people issue.  I don’t know anyone, Democrat, Republican, Independent, that’s happy about our energy prices!  It truly is absolutely absurd that we are paying so much and are so dependent on other nations, when we have all we could ever need right here- off the coast, and within the states.  No other country would allow themselves to be dependent on others like we are.  It is self-imposed, and it is ridiculous! 

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI):

“Some of the folks back in Michigan drive 80 to 120 miles every day back and forth to work.  The gas prices are a hardship.  Now we’re starting to look at home heating for this winter, especially in Northern Michigan.  People are going to get hit hard twice–at the pump and at home.  This is hurting people in their personal lives and its hurting the economy.  And you have to remember the national security perspective.  It is very important we become energy independent.  Look at what is going on with Russia and Georgia.  Russia is quite willing to use energy as political leverage against Europe.  We want to make sure we at least have a debate and a vote so we don’t face a similar threat of having our energy turned off.”

I really like what he said about national security.  The issue is rarely looked at in that manner, and it should be!  This is a serious aspect of the whole issue! 

 House Republicans’ unprecedented nationwide energy protest enters its third full week today with no sign of slowing down.  Over the weekend Speaker Pelosi, clearly under pressure from American families and small businesses frustrated with the energy crisis that she has presided over, unveiled her latest “energy plan”.  Rather than offering comprehensive “all of the above” solutions supported by House Republicans and a wide majority of Americans, it’s clear that the Democratic leadership is intent on pushing the same false claims and re-packaged policies that have already been rightly rejected by both parties in Congress.

If Speaker Pelosi were serious about addressing high gas prices, she would end her five week break and call back Congress for a vote on the all-of-the-above energy reforms the American people are demanding.  Republicans’ efforts will continue in Washington and across the nation until the Speaker schedules an up-or-down vote on the American Energy Act, a truly comprehensive solution that will lower gas prices by increasing production of American energy, promoting more conservation and efficiency, and encouraging the use of alternative and renewable fuels.

 This was just the report on House Minority Leader John Boehner’s blog for today.  But, I think they put it well, so I wanted to include it. 

This issue is so important, on so many levels.  It’s about having our own energy supply, about the economy, about the American people and families, about the prices of food and goods, about national security, about so many things.  Please contact your Congressmen and tell them to get to work and vote on this critical bill!

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House Republicans are still working hard, trying to help all of us with our energy costs, while Nancy Pelosi is on her book tour. 

There were so many great quotes from today, I just recommend you read House Minority Leader John Boehner’s blog.  I especially liked this one, though. 

Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA):

“One of the things Congress is supposed to do is to pass appropriations bill to fund the government.  Usually by this time of the year most of that work has been completed.  But this year, not only have we not addressed energy; we have only passed one appropriations bill.  The Speaker has blocked consideration of appropriations bills because they want to block an amendment on off-shore drilling.  She’s held up the entire appropriations process to avoid this amendment.  But we have been busy.  We’ve considered and passed National Passport Month, Manufactured Housing Week, National Student Day, Country Music Month, Watermelon Month, and Apple Month.  Those are the priorities, unfortunately.  No time for spending bills; no time for energy.”

You’ve got to read this article from Family Security Matters

There is a great video on there, too, that I would like to share. 

I think it’s great that this Congressman is out there talking to people and collecting these signatures.  It’s nice to see these guys really out doing this stuff.  This is important and I think the reaction of those people show that.  We must do something and we must do it soon!!

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There were some great quotes from the floor of the House today, and I wanted to pass them along. 

Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA):

“Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats said they had a commonsense energy plan when gas was $2.10 a gallon.  And then last year they voted on an energy bill that did not mention exploration, but did mention changing light bulbs hundreds of times.  Now gas prices have doubled.  Where is their plan?”

“The Democrats solution is to push gimmickry and call it an energy bill.  But the Republican plan is for solar, wind, coal to liquid, OCS, conservation, and new technologies.  We need an up or down vote.  We’ve done all we can, and now its up to you, the American people.  This is the people’s house and you need to call your Member of Congress and demand the Speaker call the House back in session.”

“Why won’t the Speaker of the House allow the people’s elected representatives a vote?  Our founding fathers were clear this was the people’s House to determine our direction.  You need to call the Speaker and ask ‘Why won’t you let the people’s voice be heard?’”



Randy Kuhl (R-NY):

“High energy prices significantly undermine our way of life and our national security.  I intend to be here on this floor until the job is done.”



Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH):

“ANWR is 19 billion acres, section 1003 is 1.5 million acres. The area we’re talking about drilling is 2000 acres or about 3 square miles.”  “It won’t take 10 years to do it. We can get that oil much sooner.”



Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ): 

“Ninety percent of delays in getting oil on line are due to government red tape.  Within less than a month, we can get oil into tanks.”


As always, you can read lots more on House Minority Leader John Boehner’s blog.

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Last night on CNN, Nancy Pelosi said she would allow a vote on offshore drilling.  (Read the full story.)

In response to her comments, House Minority Leader John Boehner said the following: 

“If Speaker Pelosi is truly sincere about having a vote on deep ocean oil and gas drilling to help bring down fuel costs, she should use her power as Speaker to call Congress back into session immediately and schedule a vote on the American Energy Act.  Ever since Speaker Pelosi adjourned Congress for a five-week break while Americans are left to suffer at the pump, House Republicans have taken our message of more American-made energy and lower gas prices directly to the American people – on the floor of the House and in communities across the country.  Based on the Speaker’s comments last night, it is clear our unprecedented nationwide effort is having an impact.

“Our message to Speaker Pelosi is very simple: we are ready to vote on more energy production and lower gas prices right now, and we should not wait one more day to begin giving the American people the relief they expect and deserve.  If you meant what you said last night, we welcome you and your Democratic colleagues to join us in our historic call to action on American energy.  End your five-week break early and call Congress back into session now so we can vote for more American-made energy and lower gas prices without any further delay.”

I agree with him 100% on this!  She’s said she would allow votes before, and didn’t.  So, it remains to be seen.  But, clearly the pressure is getting to her.

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A great quote from today: 

Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA)

“We’ve come here to talk about $4 gas…we’re dependent on dysfunctional countries like Venezuela  for our energy.  We need energy independence.  This also means increasing research for renewable fuels, nuclear energy, and more conservation.”

This is very true!  He hit the nail on the head!

This was also on House Minority Leader John Boehner’s blog today.  Love it!!


Rep. Brady has also released his “Top Ten Questions for Speaker Pelosi”





By U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady (Texas-8th)

10.     Two years ago you said “Democrats have a common-sense plan to lower gas prices.” Since you took over as Speaker of the House fuel prices have nearly doubled, which is just punishing American families. Will you be releasing that common-sense plan anytime soon?

9.        So far your Democratic House of Representatives has done nothing but propose gimmicks. Your first energy gimmick was to pass a law that allows America to sue OPEC, apparently so we can become more dependent upon Middle East oil.  This is puzzling to most Americans. Remind us again what that accomplishes? (more…)

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More members of the House took to the floor today to talk to the American people about their energy bill.  While the hope is that Nancy Pelosi would be listening, I’m sure she’s turing a deaf ear to it all, too wrapped up in her book tour to worry about the energy crisis.  I was glad to see that two of Nevada’s Representatives were there, Dean Heller and Jon Porter.  Jon Porter spoke at a press conference today, also.  Too bad Shelley Berkley (Dem) is the Representative for my district.  (Hoping that will change come November.)  Anyway, I’m really glad to see these guys taking a stand!  I love it!  I hope they keep it up and don’t back down! 

Part 1

Part 2

All they are asking for is a vote!  Click here to read the bill

Here’s a list of those who have participated so far

Check out John Boehner’s (Minority Leader) blog and Republican Cloakroom

Contact Nancy Pelosi and tell her to bring the House back in session!

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House Republicans are not taking this lightly, however.  They are finally showing some guts and standing up to the Democrats for what is right and good for America!  Today was day 3 of the House Republican Revolt.  They are asking simply for an up or down vote on offshore drilling.  Nancy Pelosi won’t allow it.  She was grilled on George Stephanopoulos’ show “This Week” about it, and had no reason for denying the vote, except that she didn’t agree with offshore drilling.  Stephanopoulos really pressed her on this over and over, (more…)

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