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I love my kids! They truly are wonderful! I can’t believe the amount of joy they bring to me, on a daily basis. God sure knows what he’s doing with this whole family thing! It’s the best!
The following are some pictures of my little ones, bringing huge smiles to my face!

The boys were playing in the backyard for something like 3 hours the other day. They had a blast making and playing with mud. I mean, come on, what’s better than that? Life was good, and I just had to smile. Just complete and total joy for them. It’s awesome. (They are washable, after all.) I love it!
Top to bottom: The boys both sitting in their mud puddle and smiling for the camera; Logan standing on the picnic table doing some kind of Tarzan thing; Gavin showing his happiness, and his dirt.

Daphne and her best friend, Sydney, had a craft and play day. It was great fun. First a trip to the craft store, where great fun was had by all, then they got to color these nifty flowers and butterflies. They are so cute together, and they love spending time with each other!

Top to bottom: Sydney taking a picture of Daphne; Daphne coloring her butterfly magnet; the girls working with their respective crafts.

Genevie got a loom I use to make knit hats and somehow got her head through it. After that, it was stuck. I tried every which way I could to get it off, but we had to have Grandpa come cut it off with some super strong pliers. (I’m just glad we didn’t have to call the fire dept. to come get it off.) So, while we were waiting for Grandpa, I decided I might as well get a few pictures. So silly!

Top to bottom: Up close of Genevie with the loom necklace, looking happy as can be; Genevie looking at a book while we waited; the loom after it was removed.

Just a few miscellaneous pictures.
Top to bottom: Logan was giving a family home evening lesson, and he was showing us all kinds of different things that Jesus and Heavenly Father made for us; Gavin was showing me his awesome scooter tricks; Daphne and a huge smile; Grandpa and the kids reading stories together before bed; another one of Grandpa and the kiddos, reading to them like he used to read to me (I’ve definitely got THE best dad in the world!)

The Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful family! I love them more than I can possibly express! How grateful I am that we have been sealed together forever! What more could I ask for?!

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Kids, gotta love em!
The other day, Gavin and Daphne got a hold of a tube of diaper cream and proceeded to make a grand mess with it. (I mean, come on, what 4 and 2 year olds could resist?) So, needless to say, when I found it, I was not a happy mom. They got it all over one of Genevie’s toys, and all over Daphne, and some on their clothes. Now, anyone who has ever used diaper cream knows what a nasty thing it is to clean up. So, I put Gavin to work cleaning up the toy, and Daphne clearly had to go in the tub! It was all over her hair, so I washed it twice. I thought I had it out, until it started to dry. Her hair was so oily from all the diaper cream. I didn’t know what to do get it out. So, the next day, I asked Adam’s mom, who suggested using dish soap. The idea being all the grease fighting power would take the grease out of her hair. I happy to say that now, after two washings in dish soap, it finally looks like it’s out! Hooray!
So, there are lessons to be learned here: 1. Keep the Desitin up high. 2. Keep plenty of dish soap on hand for when the kids climb up to your high place and get it down (cause they will).

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A tired happy birthday baby girl!

Yesterday was Genevie’s 1st birthday! Holy cow, that came so fast! It really doesn’t feel like it’s been a year since she was born. But, it has. Now she’s climbing and walking and trying to talk. It’s crazy how fast the time goes by! But, I love it all! Genevie is so wonderful and I just feel so blessed to have her in our family! The same can be said for all of my children. It amazes me how much love I have for each of them, and when I think I can’t love them anymore than I do, I find that I do love them more–everyday my love for them grows! They are wonderful and amazing children. So sweet and innocent. Children are the essence of purity and they are so close to the Lord. They are wonderful. I firmly believe that the most important thing I will ever do is raise these children. Parenthood is such a tremendous blessing!

We had some friends over yesterday to play, and Genevie was feeling very tired around lunch time. I thought I’d give her lunch, then have her take a nap, but she had other plans! This was too precious!

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Rock star

Logan told me the other day that he wanted to be a rock star. (Who knows where that came from.) So, I immediately got an idea and told him that I could make him a rock star. He thought that was great. Well, I forgot about it until today when he asked me when I was going to make him a rock star. I told him shortly, and he went off to play. (Here’s the part where I thought I was going to make him mad.) So, I went outside and got a small rock out of the yard and drew a star on it with a marker. I took it to him and told him I made him a rock star and gave it to him. At first he didn’t seem to care for it. But then he smiled and liked it. After that I had to make Daphne and Gavin rock stars too. So, I played a little joke on Logan and it ended up making all the kids very happy. Go figure.

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Gavin made a funny!

Sometimes, kids say the funniest things. Today Gavin did, and I just have to share it.
I went to the dentist this morning to get some fillings, and my mom was babysitting. The dentist told me I would need to get a crown on one of my teeth. When I came home, Gavin was sitting at the table eating lunch. He asked for another hot dog, and was told that it needed to be cooked, so it would be just a minute. I was telling my mom about the dentist visit, and said “apparently I’m going to need another crown.” Well, Gavin replies, “apparently, I’m going to need another hot dog.” It was done with such seriousness. Pretty funny!

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