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That’s right, we’ve survived Global Warming! Boy, was that close! Whew!
Global Warming is officially OVER!
But, wait, I thought Al Gore’s Nobel Prize proved it was all true! I said earlier, his Inconvenient Truth was a Convenient Lie! Turns out the predictions were wrong. What a farce this all was, and now it’s finally coming to light! I mean there have been so many times it has been discounted, but now, I guess it’s official! I, for one, couldn’t be happier! But, you know what’s coming, don’t you? It’s the new ice age…now it will be global cooling! Oh no! The hysteria! It happened before. Brace yourself, you know it’s coming.
I wish they’d make up their minds, already! I guess they just need something to nag us about and to regulate. I wonder what it will be next year?


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The founder of the Weather Channel has published an article calling the whole “man-made global warming” thing “the greatest scam in history.” This is awesome! How much do you want to bet that the mainstream (liberal) media won’t give this story the time of day? It’s ridiculous that they will hang on Al Gore’s every word, but stories like this get nothing. Don’t tell me the media isn’t agenda driven!

(Oh, by the way, we’ve gotten rid of Al-Qaeda in Baghdad! How wonderful is that?! That won’t make the evening news.)

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Alright, I know I’m talking about old news, but sometimes I am so upset about something, I just can’t put it up at the time. I need time to calm down. So, I think I’m there, now.
Can someone PLEASE explain to me what in the world global warming has to do with world peace? Please, anyone. I’d really love to know. I can’t believe that Al Gore and the UN won the Nobel Peace Prize! What is that about? OK, forget for a minute that I believe this whole “man-made global warming” thing is a bunch of bologna. There are several things wrong with this.
  1. Wouldn’t global warming work be under the science prize?
  2. A British judge found at least nine things that were outright wrong in Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth. (More like a Convenient Lie.)
  3. Making people aware of “global warming” has nothing to do with peace. Isn’t this the Peace Prize we’re talking about?
  4. They clumped Al Gore in the same category as Mother Theresa. OH, I don’t think so. NOT even close, on a good day for Gore.
  5. There’s not even proof that global warming is man-made or that it is bad. People just assume that it is. Scientists can’t agree. They have to way to prove it.
  6. Al Gore was campaigning to win. That’s just tacky and un-respectable.

I think that this just goes to show that the Nobel Prize is strictly political anymore, and has very little to do with what it is supposed to. It just makes me sick.

One good thing to come out of this? There’s talk that Gore might run for President in 2008 now. Oh, please let it be true! Let him come and steal votes from Obama and Hillary. Let him take the nomination! Please, please. We could easily defeat him.

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I Predict…

I have two predictions to make, in light of recent events.
1. I think that if all the liberals get what they want, and more and more people start driving hybrid vehicles, in order to live “green,” it will backfire on them. Soon, they will realize that the government is not collecting as much revenue in taxes from gas. (After all, the gov’t gets like $.50 a gallon, while “big oil” is only getting around $.08 per gallon.) So, they will be loosing a ton of money, and yup, you guessed it, raise our taxes even more. People think gas prices are high now. Just wait until the libs realize how much they are loosing out on at the pump.

2. I think that if this horrible immigration bill goes through, and all these people become “legal,” it will become a terrible burden for employers. Right now they can get away with paying the illegals less money because they are willing to work for less. But, I predict that when they become legal, they will demand more money. They will become subject to minimum wage laws, too. While some are saying that this bill would be good for businesses, I think it is going to end up costing them more.

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Al Gore seems to have paved the way for all the “global warming” nuts. In his film An Inconvenient Truth, he supposedly explains all the terrible and horrible effects of “man-made” global warming. Sadly, it’s full of exaggeration and non-factual things. Even Gore admits this, but basically says that the idea of it is true. How can we believe something that is full of false facts and exaggerations? Gore, himself, doesn’t abide by the standards of “green” living that he has set forth for the rest of civilization, but that doesn’t stop the left. They are constantly nagging us about how we live, and being carbon friendly. They even have a new thing, championed by Gore himself, about how if you use a ton of energy, you can purchase carbon offsets. What a crock!
Let’s remind everyone, these are the same people that 30 years ago were worried about another Ice Age! Global cooling was the chief worry of the time. What people don’t realize is that the earth NATURALLY goes through periods of heating and cooling, all by itself. As human beings, we grossly overestimate our impact on the planet. We’re cooler now than when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth. There were no SUV’s then, or regular light bulbs, or other things the left claims to be destroying our planet.
One might find it interesting to look at the different environmental “scares” over the last hundred or so years.
Also, in contrast to Al Gore’s movie, here’s one the BBC (of all groups) produced.
People need to remember that because some scientists have reached a “consensus” that global warming is man-made, there are just as many scientists that believe quite the opposite. Science isn’t about consensus, it’s about fact. The fact is that man-made global warming cannot be proven. I haven’t even seen anyone try to test the theory.
Also, I have a HUGE problem with schools forcing students, and in some cases parents, to watch Gore’s movie. Schools seem bent on teaching and preaching this man-made global warming stuff, but don’t seems to want to present any opposing view. This is simply wrong. I’ll tell you this, if my children are ever forced into this kind of garbage, and fed false information masqueraded as fact, I will throw the biggest fit that school or teacher has ever seen. I refuse to let my children be a party to that. If it’s going to be taught in school, BOTH sides should be presented.
So, before you go getting all worried about being the cause of the planet’s destruction, get all the facts.

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Among the nominees for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, is former Vice-President, Al Gore. He was nominated for his work on global warming. When I heard this, I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Forget the fact that global warming is a controversial issue. Personally, I tend to believe that it’s not a man made phenomenon, and so do many scientists. That all aside, what in the world does global warming have to do with peace? How is “raising awareness” about global warming at all related to peace? I just don’t understand the connection! On top of that, all he has done is make a movie and spew a lot of useless, one sided facts. In his eight years in office, he didn’t actually DO anything about “global warming.” Actually, he still hasn’t actually DONE anything, except make this movie. I am just beside myself with this. They believe he should be counted among the likes of Mother Theresa and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.! I don’t believe it! This is absolutely ridiculous to me! Can anyone give me a good explanation?

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