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So, I was tickled pink Friday night when I heard on Casey Hendrickson‘s show, on KXNT, that economists are now recommending that Yucca Mountain be used to store nuclear waste!  They are calling on Harry Reid to stop opposing it and admit that the science behind it is sound, which it is.  There is just no way that any of the waste could get into the Las Vegas drinking water.  The science is there, and Harry Reid should stop catering and pandering to the environmental and leftist groups and do what is best for this state, for a change!  Our state could benefit significantly financially from this!  Supporting storing the waste at Yucca Mountain would be the best thing, but I don’t think for a minute Harry Reid will actually do it.  Science and truth really don’t mean much to him. 

Also, in favor of Yucca Mountain is State Senator Barbara Cegavske.  She is introducing a bill in the State Senate to eliminate the state agency responsible for opposing Yucca Mountain.  Yes, folks, there really is a state agency dedicated soley to trying to stop Yucca Mountain.  (And people wonder why we have budget problems.)  So, I’m very pleased with Senator Cegavske and what she is trying to do.  I love it when people do the right thing!  It’s time for our Republican leadership, locally and nationally to realize that they need to stand up for what’s right for the people of this state and country.

We need to support our leadership when they do the right thing!  Please call or e-mail Senator Cegavske and tell her that you are behind her!  Call her at (702) 873-0711, or e-mail her at bcegavske@sen.state.nv.us

On the same note, we need to tell our leadership what we want them to do!  Please call or e-mail Senator Reid and tell him to do what is right for the state and get behind the Yucca Mountain project!  Call him at 1-866-736-7343 or  (202)  224-3542, or send him an e-mail by clicking here.

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So I was talking to my friend, Troy Fox, today about the situation with the governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich.  I think the whole thing is a mess and that surely with Chicago politics being what they are, Barack Obama had to at least have known about it.  And surely, Richard Daley, mayor of Chicago, had to have some involvement.  I mean, really, what goes on in that state that he doesn’t know about before hand?  Anyway, Troy shared with me his idea for Barack Obama’s senate replacement, and I thought it was fabulous!  Here goes: 

Everyone in the Democrat party is turning as fast as they can on Blagojevich.  Now, we’re used to this kind of behavior from the Republicans.  They turn on each other anytime something doesn’t look good.  But, Democrats, they’re so loyal.  But, no this time, and frankly it’s kind of enjoyable to watch them turn on each other.  Anyway, since everyone is turning on him and implicating him in any way they can, he should do the same.  He should hold a press conference, and have the feds waiting outside.  Then, he should announce that to replace Barack Obama, he is appointing the most conservative ultra right-wing republican he can.  (And if it’s a woman it’s even better.)  Then announce that his is resigning his office effective Jan 21, 2009.  After the press conference, he should go out and meet the feds and tell them everything he knows.  Troy’s thought here is that since they are all turning on him, he should do the same to them.  

Personally, I know this would never happen, but think about it for a moment.  How funny would that be?!  Can you imagine Harry Reid’s face?  Oh, I think I would pay to watch this all unfold!  The media would be in a panic.  They would be stumbling over their words.  The Democrat party would cry foul and whine, but there would be nothing they could do about it.  And, with them trying to get the fillibuster proof majority, this would be a big blow to them.  I think it would be pretty fabulous!  HA!!!

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I’ve been promising a friend of mine for a while now that I would post something about this, so I’m finally getting to it. 

Let me start with some background.  Earlier this year, Senator Harry Reid (in all his glory), stuck his foot in his mouth once again, when he blamed President Bush for not having enough bathrooms for tourists in the Capitol Building.  He said that the congressmen always joke that they know when it is tourist season because of the smell (yes, saying that the tourists stink).  Apparently the toursts congregate in the building while waiting for bathrooms, and all the people in there cause an unpleasant smell.  So, he then blamed President Bush for not having enough bathrooms for all the tourists, and essentially saying that it was President Bush’s fault for the tourists being stinky.   Now, as one of our great local radio talk show hosts, Casey Hendrickson, pointed out, the President isn’t even allowed at the Capitol (that whole separation of powers thing).  And since Congress is the body that does all the fund appropriating, why do they not appropriate themselves some more bathrooms? 

So, anyway, this got me thinking about all the different things President Bush has been blamed for.  A few of my favorites include: 

  • Tourists stinking.  (See above)
  • It was Bush’s fault when all that spinach was making people sick with e.coli.  (If he would have had better or more agriculture inspectors, that wouldn’t have happened.)
  • Global warming.  (If he had signed the Kyoto Protocol…) 
  • Hurricane Katrina.  (Global warming caused Hurricane Katrina.  See above)

The list could go on and on.  Anyway, in thinking about all this, I realized that the Left in this country is giving President Bush all kinds of power, by blaming him for this.  I mean, just looking at my short little list, here’s what the President can do:  make people stink, make people sick, warm up the earth, cause hurricanes.  I mean, what kind of power is that?  And here I was thinking he was just a man, but according to all the liberals, he must be really really powerful.  Dare I say, even magical!  He must have extraordinary abilities!  I mean, this is the only thing that could explain it.  And, since everyone knows Dick Chaney is really controlling Bush, he must be even more powerful!  Maybe they are some sort of wizards or something, and they spend their time together ploting and scheming. 

Of course any reasonable person knows that these things are not Bush’s fault; he just happened to be President at the time these things occurred.  But, sometimes it’s fun to try to figure out what the liberals could possibly be thinking.  It’s the only explanation that makes since with their line of thinking.

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New website

Let’s get Harry Reid the heck out of Dodge! Some friends of mine and I are at the beginning stages of forming a Political Action Committee in order to get Harry Reid out of office when his term is up. Anyway, check it out at RetireReid.org.

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Reid vs. Romney?

I was just thinking today about Harry Reid, and all the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth. And, I got to thinking: I wonder if Harry Reid is going to start attacking Mitt Romney‘s faith. After all, Romney is a Mormon, everyone knows that. He has made no bones about it. He even said in the last debate that he wouldn’t back down from his faith. (For me that was wonderful. I think Romney running for POTUS will bring out a lot about the Church. Unfortunately, some of that will be anti-Mormon propaganda. I think most of it will be good, though.) Anyway, with Romney being identified as the Mormon candidate, I really wonder if Reid will attack him on that. (BTW- Reid’s secret: He’s a Mormon too!) Hard to believe? I know. He sure doesn’t wear his faith on his sleeve! He actually seems to stand up for things that don’t align themselves with the Gospel. So, because Reid seems to be a walking contradiction with himself, I just chuckled when I thought of the idea of him attacking Romney on the “Mormon issue.” I imagined it going something like this: Reid attacks Romney, and says that he’s not a “good Mormon.” Romney just ignores him. Reid, looking for something to set him off, claims that he is a better Mormon than Romney ever will be. Again, Romney just ignores him. Reid goes through all the callings he’s ever had, and challenges Romney to “beat that.” Romney finally responds in a very dignified manner by bearing his testimony and then saying that a person’s faith really has nothing to do with the office of POTUS. Reid then claims that a person’s faith is an integral part of their make-up, so how could it not be an issue. Romney replies that Reid has always stood on the premise of separating his religion from politics (and adds in that he’s done so really well). Reid says it’s different for him, and he can do that, because he’s a liberal. And, after all, we all know that libs aren’t held to any actual standards or accountability.
Anyway, just a little thought I had, and it made me laugh. It’s just ironic enough that I could actually see Reid doing it. 🙂

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I’m so ticked off!

I am so completely ticked off at the people in our senate that have been elected to represent us! I am so angry that this horrible immigration bill has progressed another step. I expected Reid to ignore the people of Nevada, but Ensign? What was he thinking to vote against this? What deal could have been made that all these Republican senators would vote for cloture on this bill? I just don’t understand. But I’ll tell you this: I truly feel abandoned by the Republican party, and Congress as a whole. This bill has shown us that this is no longer a government “for the people, by the people,” but a government for the power of the individual. I am sick and disgusted over this! How could all these people just ignore the will of the American people? The Dems have talked about how the 2006 election was a mandate by the people, but what about the mandate now? What about almost 80% of the country being dead-set against this bill? I am just completely blown away by this. What happened to Conservatism? Where have all the Conservatives really gone? What kind of leadership is out there for us? I am just so sick and disgusted over this whole thing. And I don’t want to be called a bigot or a racist! While I am very opposed to this bill, I am not opposed to immigration. This country was built by immigrants. I just want it to be done LEGALLY!!!! It is absolutely wrong for the people that have had no regard for our laws or sovereignty would be able to be put on a path to citizenship, when there are people who sacrifice all they have to come here the legal way. This bill is bad on so many levels. It is going to cost trillions of dollars. It is a grave national security risk. It gives a green light for criminals. And yes, I believe illegal immigrants are criminals. They have broken our laws, and that makes them criminals. I am just beside myself right now.
Here is a transcript of Rush’s site from today:

RUSH: I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers the list of the Republicans who voted for cloture today. In alphabetical order they are…

► Bob Bennett of Utah
► Kit Bond of Missouri
► Sam Brownback of Kansas
► Richard Burr of North Carolina
► Norm Coleman of Minnesota
► Susan Collins of Maine (No surprise there.)
► Larry Craig of Idaho
► Pete Domenici of New Mexico
► John Ensign of Nevada (That’s really curious to me because this is the guy who’s in charge of reelecting Republicans to the Senate, and finding new candidates and fund-raising.)
► Lindsey Grahamnesty of South Carolina
► Judd Gregg of New Hampshire
► Chuck Hagel of Nebraska (No surprise there.)
► Jon Kyl of Arizona (No surprise there. He’s carrying the bill for the Republicans.)
► Trent Lott of Mississippi (No surprise there.)
► Richard Lugar of Indiana
► Mel Martinez of Florida (No surprise there.)
► John McCain of Arizona (No surprise there.)
► Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (It will be interesting to watch him.)
► Lisa Murkowski from Alaska
► Olympia Snowe from Maine (No surprise there.)
► Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania (No surprise there.)
► Ted Stevens of Alaska (No surprise.)
► George Voinovich of Ohio. (I don’t know if he cried before the vote.)
► John Warner, the southern gentleman from Virginia.

So those are your names of the Republicans who voted for cloture and revived a dead bill.”

We need to bombard these people with phone calls and e-mails. Another vote will take place on Thursday, and by the way, the bill with all the amendments isn’t even printed yet. They are going to vote Thursday anyway. Spread the word. Tell everyone you can to call their elected officials and voice their opinions loud and strong. We cannot afford to let this bill get passed!

Click here to find out how to contact the Senators.
Click here to find out how to contact the Representatives from the House.

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This is so funny to me. According to the latest poll (which is very important to the drive-by media), the Congressional approval rating is lower than the President’s! That is hilarious to me! The liberals whine and complain about the President, and quote his approval ratings constantly. Now, they’ve got control of Congress, and their approval rating is even lower than his! According to the latest Gallup poll, the President’s approval rating is at 33%, while Congress is at 29%! HA! You thought you were going to improve things! Looks like they are just getting worse. Hey Dems, here’s some advice for you, Quit trying to defeat your own country! Quit being hypocritical by saying you’re supporting the troops, but not their mission, and then trying to set them up for defeat! Quit letting loud-mouths like Reid and Pelosi say and do stupid things, like the war is lost, or meeting with the Syrians to try to push your own foreign policy! Quit being so anti-military and anti-victory! And, while we’re on that subject, Harry Reid should resign. Period. There is no room for argument here! His recent remarks not only undermined the troops and their families, but could be considered traitorous! How awful it is that the top dog in the US Senate would say something so horrible. He should step down.
Now, liberals, pay attention here, start supporting your country and your troops! I know, it sounds crazy, but most American citizens want victory in Iraq. Now quit playing games with the military and riding both sides of the fence. If you are all so against the war, like you say you are, defund it. (Can’t do that, eh? You know that your constituents would not support pulling the funding out from under the troops. You all talk big but when it comes down to it, you got nothing.) If you aren’t going to defund the war, then quit playing politics (Harry “we’re going to pick up seats from the war” Reid), and fund the troops, support them in your words and actions, and root for your own country!

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Hero of the Week

My hero this week is Rudy Giuliani! Several days ago, while speaking in New Hampshire, he told people that if the Democrats get the White House in 2008, they will put the country back on defensive mode, the way we were before 9/11. He elaborated on that more, and basically said that we would be much less safe if a Democrat is elected. I agree with him, wholeheartedly! And, when criticized for his comments, he stuck by them, and repeated them! It was awesome!
The Democrats want defeat in Iraq. They desire to talk with and appease the terrorists. As Rush says, “they own defeat.” Heck, according to Harry “stab our troops in the back” Reid, the war is already lost. (Yet ANOTHER reason I don’t care for Harry Reid.)
Anyhow, I was very impressed with the comments Giuliani made about needing to be on offense in order to protect the country. I was more impressed when he didn’t back down, but just reiterated his comments, when he was attacked for them. Bravo to Rudy on this one!

However, even though I’ve been impressed with Giuliani’s ability to stick it to the Democrats, and the media (who wouldn’t admire that?), I’m still strongly supporting Mitt Romney.

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I’ve decided to start a new thing on here, called my Hero of the Week. Nearly every week, someone somewhere does something that makes me think, “that’s awesome!” or “way to go!” Usually it’s someone in politics, but not always. Anyway, I just think it will be fun.
This week, I actually have 2.
The first one is Carl Levin. Yep, the Democrat! “How could a democrat be my hero of the week?” you ask. Ahh, let me tell you. Anyone that throws Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid “under the bus” is a hero in my book! Sunday, Levin was on George Stephanopoulos’ show, and said that they would fund the troops, that they always fund the troops. Now, isn’t this going against the Democrat party leadership. In his comments he basically discounted all this hype the Dems have been building for the last few weeks about not funding the troops without a ton of conditions. This just made me chuckle. I wonder what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid thought when they heard him. He pulled the rug out from under all the ultra-lib people who thought that the troops wouldn’t get the funding they need. HA!
Hero of the Week number 2 is the North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper. He stuck it to Mike Nifong, the former DA in the Duke la cross rape case. Among other things, he called Nifong “rouge” and said the cases against the la cross players were “result of a tragic rush to accuse and a failure to verify serious allegations.” He went on to chronicle the terrible way that this case was handled. Clearly, Nifong is guilty of gross misconduct that should not only have him disbarred, but facing criminal or civil charges. In an effort to save face today, Nifong tried to offer an apology for his actions, but in my opinion, he didn’t really succeed. These men had their lives ruined for a year, because Nifong screwed up! Their reputation could be permanently tarnished. That is ridiculous. By the way, I also believe the accuser should face false accusation charges, but it has already been decided that she won’t. Anyway, Roy Cooper deserves a big round of applause for the way he handled this! (Guess what, he’s a Democrat too! – What the heck is going on here? Guess it just goes to show you that they aren’t all bad.)

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I was listening to Rush this morning in the car, when he went on comercial. So, I decided to flip over to NPR, just to see what they were saying on their State of Nevada show. They were getting ready to have Senator Harry Reid on. Now, let us review, I do not like Harry Reid. They asked for those who would like to ask him a question to please call in. I thought to my self, “Now’s my chance!” So, I jumped on the phone and was actually the first call. I was very nice and polite, even though I wanted to yell and tell him what I really thought. I figured I could probably accomplish more being polite. I asked him if he thought these non-binding resolutions in the House and Senate would demoralize the troops, as the generals on the ground believed they would. His response was that it wasn’t true that the generals thought it would demoralize the troops because just this last week the generals said the troops were fine and that it wasn’t effecting them. He also said that Bob Gates has said the same thing. Of course, he didn’t really answer my question, about what he personally thought, but I never really expected him to. I didn’t get the chance to counter him. But then, even though my call had ended, and I knew I didn’t really want to hear Harry Reid, I just couldn’t change the station. Just like one of those fishing shows, I just couldn’t turn it off. So, I went on listening to his bologna. He talked about how they support the troops, but not the war (which I don’t believe is possible.) He also talked about how this is just the begining, and more legislation is on the way, with regards to Iraq. He said that they (the Dems) are supporting the troops, and it’s actually those that oppose the Dems that aren’t supporting the troops. Now, that just made me angry. He continued to say a bunch of rediculous stuff, of course being egged on by the host. It was extremely frustrating, and I still can’t figure out why I was listening to it! After I listened to Hannity this afternoon, I felt much better, though.

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