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It’s been a while since I posted.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to say; I’ve just been very busy.  Of course, I have some commentary on recent political activity, but that will wait for another time. 

So, one of our dogs, Leia, is pregnant, ready to pop at any moment.  She’s going to be a great mom; definitely has the disposition for it.  So, we’ve been on labor watch for the last several days.  I took her into the vet on Thursday, and they did an x-ray to make sure everything was ok.  Everything looked good, and to my utter surprise, she has six little pups inside her belly!  WOW!  I seriously thought there were two or three.  We haven’t told the kids how many, just in case they don’t all make it.  But, I have had them guessing.  So far, Gavin and Genevie both said seven, Logan guessed four then changed it to six, and Daphne says two.  It’s been fun to watch them be so excited.  I think I’ve been more anxious about this than Leia has.  I keep thinking she’s going to have the babies, but then she doesn’t.  She’s showing all the signs.  But, the vet said today that she could start doing that up to 72 hours ahead of time.  Hopefully, though, it will be soon, and everything will go well. 

Also, I’ve been covering my front yard with rocks, since we just couldn’t keep the grass alive.  Well, I decided yesterday that I probably wasn’t going to be able to work on it much after the pups are born.  So, I called two of my friends and they came over and we pretty much finished it.  Hooray!  Now, we don’t look like our house is going into foreclosure.  It is really plain right now, but it looks much better.  I think we’ll add some more plants and color once the temperature goes down again.  I have to say, I’m truly grateful for such wonderful friends!

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A lot has been happening the last week or so. First of all, to address my last post: that horrible immigration bill was defeated! (At least for now.) Hooray!! I’m so glad. Now we shouldn’t see a revisit of that until 2008, so we’ve got a little bit of time anyway.
Next, on Monday night, our sweet little baby puppy died. He just stopped breathing. Adam tried CPR and mouth to mouth to get him breathing again, but it just wasn’t meant to be. We buried him in the backyard Tuesday morning. We were all upset about it, but I think I took it the hardest. I’m feeling better now, but I really miss him.
Here he is with Adam, just 2 days old.

Ok, what else? Saturday, we started laying the new flooring in our house. I’m so excited about it! It looks great! I am so very grateful to our wonderful friends who came to help us! It took 7 hours on Saturday just to do the one room. I’ll have to find some way to repay them all! Then, Tuesday, my dad and Adam got another room done, which took about 4 hours. So now, I think we are about half way done. Oh, I will be so excited when it’s all done.
So, yesterday was Independence Day. I love this holiday! It’s so wonderful to celebrate our nation and the freedoms we all enjoy. I think we often take for granted what we have been so blessed with. There is no better country on the face of this earth. There is no other country where the people are free in thought, religion, work, school, where they live, everything. It is amazing. I know that the Lord had a hand in establishing this nation, and that the founding fathers were truly inspired by Him. It is remarkable to be here, and I wish more people would realize that.

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Hero of the Week

My hero this week is my good friend Mike Cox. He, along with his wife, Amanda, and son, came over tonight to help me put some shelves together. He’s a good friend. The first shelf was suppose to just snap together, but it turned into a nightmare, as it kept falling apart! Mike just stuck with it. I think it was more determination that he was going to make it work, that kept him going with it. But, after probably an hour or more, he got it! Then, he put a bookshelf together for me. The Coxes are wonderful people! They are heroes to me, and have been more than once. Thanks guys! I love ya!

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When color blind people decorate…

OK, so we got all the old flooring torn up. Hooray! Now, I think we’re going to paint, before we put the new wood floors in (that way we don’t have to worry about paint drips). Anyhow, I want to put some color on the walls, liven things up a bit. Now, the problem is, that I’m color blind. Yes, I know it’s freakish to be a color-blind female, but what can I say. So, I really can’t pick out the colors, because who knows if they’ll really look good together, besides the fact that I have like zero design sense. So, we sought the aid of a couple of our good friends to help. They are not color blind. They have a sense of style. We’ll see what happens. It should be interesting. I can’t wait until we have it all done!

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Let the mess begin!

Well, we started pulling up our flooring today. We got the tile, carpet, and some of the linoleum pulled up. It was a lot of work. But, I’m going to be very happy when we have our new wood floors in! Oh, I can’t wait! But, we still have more linoleum to get up. That stuff is a pain! Thankfully, today we had a couple people come help us. The kids helped, too! They were pretty cute! The boys had on daddy’s gloves and were working hard like him. Pretty adorable! Anyway, I’m hoping to have everything done in a couple weeks, but we’ll have to see.

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