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And Obama wants to pay for all 12-15 million illegals to have health care at our taxpayer expense! 

We have to do something about this problem!  When are people in this country going to wake up and say enough is enough!?  This is just ridiculous.  Keep in mind this is only one hospital.  I’m sure it’s going on is hospitals all over the country.  I don’t think we should turn away emergency cases, however, this ongoing stuff is absurd.  Absolutely absurd!  Time to write to your representatives in Congress and the Senate and make them take a stand against illegal immigration!

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Georgia Rocks!

I heard an awesome thing on the radio yesterday. The State of Georgia is my hero this week. They have passed a law, which took effect on July 1 of this year, that is great for cracking down on illegal immigration. They have trained all their police officers to handle illegal immigrants, and should they come across any illegals, they are to arrest them. This is great because so many police departments don’t do anything about illegals. Good for Georgia. They told the story of a woman who called police out on a domestic violence call between her and her roommate. When the police arrived, they found out that she was the one guilty of domestic violence, so she was arrested. Then when booking her, they found out she was also an illegal. She is now awaiting deportation. I applaud Georgia for taking this step. Every other state ought to follow suit. Why is it so many people think that illegal immigration shouldn’t be handled by the police? If they come across an illegal, they should be able to arrest them, just for being illegal. They can then be transferred over to immigration officials and be deported. More states need to follow the lead of Georgia and start setting immigration laws of their own.

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A lot has been happening the last week or so. First of all, to address my last post: that horrible immigration bill was defeated! (At least for now.) Hooray!! I’m so glad. Now we shouldn’t see a revisit of that until 2008, so we’ve got a little bit of time anyway.
Next, on Monday night, our sweet little baby puppy died. He just stopped breathing. Adam tried CPR and mouth to mouth to get him breathing again, but it just wasn’t meant to be. We buried him in the backyard Tuesday morning. We were all upset about it, but I think I took it the hardest. I’m feeling better now, but I really miss him.
Here he is with Adam, just 2 days old.

Ok, what else? Saturday, we started laying the new flooring in our house. I’m so excited about it! It looks great! I am so very grateful to our wonderful friends who came to help us! It took 7 hours on Saturday just to do the one room. I’ll have to find some way to repay them all! Then, Tuesday, my dad and Adam got another room done, which took about 4 hours. So now, I think we are about half way done. Oh, I will be so excited when it’s all done.
So, yesterday was Independence Day. I love this holiday! It’s so wonderful to celebrate our nation and the freedoms we all enjoy. I think we often take for granted what we have been so blessed with. There is no better country on the face of this earth. There is no other country where the people are free in thought, religion, work, school, where they live, everything. It is amazing. I know that the Lord had a hand in establishing this nation, and that the founding fathers were truly inspired by Him. It is remarkable to be here, and I wish more people would realize that.

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I’m so ticked off!

I am so completely ticked off at the people in our senate that have been elected to represent us! I am so angry that this horrible immigration bill has progressed another step. I expected Reid to ignore the people of Nevada, but Ensign? What was he thinking to vote against this? What deal could have been made that all these Republican senators would vote for cloture on this bill? I just don’t understand. But I’ll tell you this: I truly feel abandoned by the Republican party, and Congress as a whole. This bill has shown us that this is no longer a government “for the people, by the people,” but a government for the power of the individual. I am sick and disgusted over this! How could all these people just ignore the will of the American people? The Dems have talked about how the 2006 election was a mandate by the people, but what about the mandate now? What about almost 80% of the country being dead-set against this bill? I am just completely blown away by this. What happened to Conservatism? Where have all the Conservatives really gone? What kind of leadership is out there for us? I am just so sick and disgusted over this whole thing. And I don’t want to be called a bigot or a racist! While I am very opposed to this bill, I am not opposed to immigration. This country was built by immigrants. I just want it to be done LEGALLY!!!! It is absolutely wrong for the people that have had no regard for our laws or sovereignty would be able to be put on a path to citizenship, when there are people who sacrifice all they have to come here the legal way. This bill is bad on so many levels. It is going to cost trillions of dollars. It is a grave national security risk. It gives a green light for criminals. And yes, I believe illegal immigrants are criminals. They have broken our laws, and that makes them criminals. I am just beside myself right now.
Here is a transcript of Rush’s site from today:

RUSH: I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers the list of the Republicans who voted for cloture today. In alphabetical order they are…

► Bob Bennett of Utah
► Kit Bond of Missouri
► Sam Brownback of Kansas
► Richard Burr of North Carolina
► Norm Coleman of Minnesota
► Susan Collins of Maine (No surprise there.)
► Larry Craig of Idaho
► Pete Domenici of New Mexico
► John Ensign of Nevada (That’s really curious to me because this is the guy who’s in charge of reelecting Republicans to the Senate, and finding new candidates and fund-raising.)
► Lindsey Grahamnesty of South Carolina
► Judd Gregg of New Hampshire
► Chuck Hagel of Nebraska (No surprise there.)
► Jon Kyl of Arizona (No surprise there. He’s carrying the bill for the Republicans.)
► Trent Lott of Mississippi (No surprise there.)
► Richard Lugar of Indiana
► Mel Martinez of Florida (No surprise there.)
► John McCain of Arizona (No surprise there.)
► Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (It will be interesting to watch him.)
► Lisa Murkowski from Alaska
► Olympia Snowe from Maine (No surprise there.)
► Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania (No surprise there.)
► Ted Stevens of Alaska (No surprise.)
► George Voinovich of Ohio. (I don’t know if he cried before the vote.)
► John Warner, the southern gentleman from Virginia.

So those are your names of the Republicans who voted for cloture and revived a dead bill.”

We need to bombard these people with phone calls and e-mails. Another vote will take place on Thursday, and by the way, the bill with all the amendments isn’t even printed yet. They are going to vote Thursday anyway. Spread the word. Tell everyone you can to call their elected officials and voice their opinions loud and strong. We cannot afford to let this bill get passed!

Click here to find out how to contact the Senators.
Click here to find out how to contact the Representatives from the House.

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I Predict…

I have two predictions to make, in light of recent events.
1. I think that if all the liberals get what they want, and more and more people start driving hybrid vehicles, in order to live “green,” it will backfire on them. Soon, they will realize that the government is not collecting as much revenue in taxes from gas. (After all, the gov’t gets like $.50 a gallon, while “big oil” is only getting around $.08 per gallon.) So, they will be loosing a ton of money, and yup, you guessed it, raise our taxes even more. People think gas prices are high now. Just wait until the libs realize how much they are loosing out on at the pump.

2. I think that if this horrible immigration bill goes through, and all these people become “legal,” it will become a terrible burden for employers. Right now they can get away with paying the illegals less money because they are willing to work for less. But, I predict that when they become legal, they will demand more money. They will become subject to minimum wage laws, too. While some are saying that this bill would be good for businesses, I think it is going to end up costing them more.

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