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I love Veteran’s Day! I think it is so very important to celebrate and remember those who have fought and those that have given it all, for us to be safe and free. I have veterans of Vietnam and Korea and both World Wars in my family. Before he died in 1997, my grandpa was Nevada’s oldest living veteran, having fought in WWI and WWII. I believe it was in WWI, that he had his nose blown off by a grenade. My uncle joined the Army Rangers and went to Vietnam. He received three Purple Hearts from his service there. My great-uncle (dad to the Vietnam Vet uncle) and my grandfather were both in WWII. My step dad, Jim, and Adam’s grandfather both served in Korea. I also have letters written by ancestors that were part of the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. A friend of mine also did a tour in Iraq.
I don’t think I can really express the depths to which those in the military (past and present) mean to me. They were willing to sacrifice their lives for me, and my children. These are some of the most courageous and valiant people we have among us. I really just can’t express my appreciation for all that they do. And let’s not forget about their families, many of whom send their loved ones off to war, never to see alive again. I am truly grateful for all veterans and military personnel. They are real heroes!

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The founder of the Weather Channel has published an article calling the whole “man-made global warming” thing “the greatest scam in history.” This is awesome! How much do you want to bet that the mainstream (liberal) media won’t give this story the time of day? It’s ridiculous that they will hang on Al Gore’s every word, but stories like this get nothing. Don’t tell me the media isn’t agenda driven!

(Oh, by the way, we’ve gotten rid of Al-Qaeda in Baghdad! How wonderful is that?! That won’t make the evening news.)

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This is so funny to me. According to the latest poll (which is very important to the drive-by media), the Congressional approval rating is lower than the President’s! That is hilarious to me! The liberals whine and complain about the President, and quote his approval ratings constantly. Now, they’ve got control of Congress, and their approval rating is even lower than his! According to the latest Gallup poll, the President’s approval rating is at 33%, while Congress is at 29%! HA! You thought you were going to improve things! Looks like they are just getting worse. Hey Dems, here’s some advice for you, Quit trying to defeat your own country! Quit being hypocritical by saying you’re supporting the troops, but not their mission, and then trying to set them up for defeat! Quit letting loud-mouths like Reid and Pelosi say and do stupid things, like the war is lost, or meeting with the Syrians to try to push your own foreign policy! Quit being so anti-military and anti-victory! And, while we’re on that subject, Harry Reid should resign. Period. There is no room for argument here! His recent remarks not only undermined the troops and their families, but could be considered traitorous! How awful it is that the top dog in the US Senate would say something so horrible. He should step down.
Now, liberals, pay attention here, start supporting your country and your troops! I know, it sounds crazy, but most American citizens want victory in Iraq. Now quit playing games with the military and riding both sides of the fence. If you are all so against the war, like you say you are, defund it. (Can’t do that, eh? You know that your constituents would not support pulling the funding out from under the troops. You all talk big but when it comes down to it, you got nothing.) If you aren’t going to defund the war, then quit playing politics (Harry “we’re going to pick up seats from the war” Reid), and fund the troops, support them in your words and actions, and root for your own country!

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While listening to Rush today, he read an e-mail he got from one of the US troops that had served in Iraq. I thought it was so good, I wanted to post it here.

Hey Rush,

I am scratching my head here. None of this makes any sense…but I wonder what you think about all of this…

The national news media shows lots of our American servicemen and women dying over there in Iraq and getting killed, helicopters being shot down, roadside bombs going off…etc…etc. Yet, when you are there, when you work with Americans and Iraqis who are actively engaged in re-building the country, who are out going after the enemy…there’s this ever-present sense of optimism, this prevailing upbeat mood of doing good. Just go talk to the wounded servicemen at Brooks or Bethesda. [RUSH: And I have. He’s right.] They’ll tell you the same. Likewise, the Iraqi gentlemen (civilians) I worked with were excited about their economic prospects. They were eager for their families to experience a better life than the life they had under a totalitarian regime.

Rush, there’s an upbeat mood out there in Iraq. The country and its new democracy are moving forward. And the enemy hates it.

On the subject of “civil war” or “civil strife” in Iraq…

From what we can tell…there’s no “civil war” or “civil strife” as the news media puts it. The terrorists are coming from outside the country and killing civilians – as many as possible – to gain a foothold in Iraq. And they play this stuff on TV to make us sick. It’s working. We are getting sick, but Iraq is getting strong. If there really is civil strife in the country…then WHY don’t WE hear statements in the news about Shia leaders taking responsibility for Sunni killings, and vice-versa? WHY? This is why: Because they aren’t doing that Rush! THAT’S WHY we NEVER hear news reports from the so-called “civil strife” combatants themselves. Because there aren’t any. The IRAQIS are trying to build-up their country and make it work. MEANWHILE the enemy comes and kills everyone they can, and they run away from the scene (or die in the blast themselves).

One more thought…

I hate doing math, but think about this…

Rush…there’s anywhere from 500 to 1,000 road vehicle convoys per day in the country of Iraq. One or three of these vehicle convoys (at most) get hit by an IED each day, which destroys maybe one or two vehicles. Most convoys have anywhere from 20 to 100 vehicles. NOW, what are your odds (e.g. CNN reporter) of being tagged by an IED????

In Summary…

I remain confused, amazed, and dumbfounded by the news media view on the war. And yet Americans are buying it. WHY??? How can we believe only one side of the story without seeing the whole picture, the whole story as it unfolds? Does ANYONE really know (other than those who are there) what’s REALLY happening in Iraq??? Is there any chance of getting any of this news reporting being done right???

America is doing good things over there. Our troops are awesome. They are an inspiration, a model of courage and of selfless patriotism. Why don’t people back home trust them?

Mega Dittos Rush.

Very Respectfully,


Now, why can’t the liberals, who are so invested in defeat, get this? We are doing good over there. It’s not a hopeless cause. Failure is not guaranteed. Why can’t the media report things like this? You know the reason there is such a high dissaproval rating for this administration, and for the war? It’s because the most people only get their news from the evening news casts on one of the major stations. The mainstream media is so liberal, they don’t report the positive things, they only show the negative things over and over. It’s purely pushing the liberal agenda. How can people support the war, when all they see about it is so negative. If the majority of the public saw the positive things (which are many), the public sentiment towards the war would change.

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I was listening to Rush this morning in the car, when he went on comercial. So, I decided to flip over to NPR, just to see what they were saying on their State of Nevada show. They were getting ready to have Senator Harry Reid on. Now, let us review, I do not like Harry Reid. They asked for those who would like to ask him a question to please call in. I thought to my self, “Now’s my chance!” So, I jumped on the phone and was actually the first call. I was very nice and polite, even though I wanted to yell and tell him what I really thought. I figured I could probably accomplish more being polite. I asked him if he thought these non-binding resolutions in the House and Senate would demoralize the troops, as the generals on the ground believed they would. His response was that it wasn’t true that the generals thought it would demoralize the troops because just this last week the generals said the troops were fine and that it wasn’t effecting them. He also said that Bob Gates has said the same thing. Of course, he didn’t really answer my question, about what he personally thought, but I never really expected him to. I didn’t get the chance to counter him. But then, even though my call had ended, and I knew I didn’t really want to hear Harry Reid, I just couldn’t change the station. Just like one of those fishing shows, I just couldn’t turn it off. So, I went on listening to his bologna. He talked about how they support the troops, but not the war (which I don’t believe is possible.) He also talked about how this is just the begining, and more legislation is on the way, with regards to Iraq. He said that they (the Dems) are supporting the troops, and it’s actually those that oppose the Dems that aren’t supporting the troops. Now, that just made me angry. He continued to say a bunch of rediculous stuff, of course being egged on by the host. It was extremely frustrating, and I still can’t figure out why I was listening to it! After I listened to Hannity this afternoon, I felt much better, though.

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Another one from the left!

Recently, attention has been drawn to the fact that Congressional Democrats “support the troops, but not the war.” I find this offensive, and so should every American! I keep hearing about how the liberals support the troops. My questions is: How? How are they supporting the troops? By passing stupid non-binding resolutions telling the world they are against the President and the War? By constantly critizing their Commander in Chief? Oh, I know, it was when Nancy Pelosi went over to Iraq on her little “fact finding mission.” I find it appalling that these people can say that they support the troops when in fact they do everything they can to undermine their efforts. They say that they support the troops, but not the war. How can you support the troops without supporting their mission? This just doesn’t fly with me. They have been told over and over, by the generals on the ground, that their words and actions will affect the troops, that it will lower their morale. How in the world can they say that they support the troops when they are slowing destroying their morale? How can they say they support the troops when they have done everything in their power to decrease support for the war, and thus the troops, in their own country? They keep saying that this is going to be another Vietnam, and in one respect, they are right. Just like with Vietnam, the war is going to be bad-mouthed so much that soon, many will turn against the troops. They will return home, not heroes, but as socital misfits. They will be labeled as killers and cursed at and spit upon. This is not what our troops deserve, but it’s what the Democrats are lining them up for. I think it is sad. To me, the people that serve in the military are heroes! They are to be admired and respected! They are to be supported, however we can!
So, my question to you is can you really support the troops without supporting the war? (Cause in my mind, if you don’t support the war, then you want the war to fail. If you want the war to fail, then you want the troops to fail in their missions. If you want the troops to fail in their missions, then you are setting them up to be killed.)

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Alright, here we go. It was only a matter of time before I had to talk about Iraq. The only reason it’s waited this long is because I’ve really been “biting my tounge” so to speak.
On Wednesday, the President delivered his State of the Union Address, in which he outlined a new strategy for Iraq. The main focus of this strategy is the deployment of 20,000 additional troops. I think this is the only way we can win over there. I actually think we need to send about 100,000 over there and just squash this insurgency (get er done!). However, that won’t happen. It should, but it won’t. I think the President has a good plan, that can work. However, it isn’t going to be a quick or easy thing. In my opinion, it will probably get much worse at first. Just like a child, the insurgents in Iraq will want to test their limits; see how far they can really go. For a while, it is going to be bad, probably really bad. But, it will get better. It’s going to take time, though; a long time. I believe that this is a conflict that will take 5 to 10 years to sort out, maybe more. But, it will be worth it. Make no mistake that if we withdraw, as the Democrats want, that nation and area would be overrun by Iran in short order. The violence we are seeing now would pale in comparison. It would be the most costly mistake we could make. We have to crush this insurgency. We have to protect Iraq’s borders. In time, that will take less and less of our troops. We have a vested interest in the outcome of this war, not only politically, but in respect to our country’s safety and authority. If we were to pull out now, the message would be sent that if you light a big enough fire under our butts, we will run away and cower. Is this the kind of message we want to send to Iran and Syria? And, make no mistake about it, we are already engaged in a war with these countries – being fought in Iraq. Most of the insurgency is sponsored by Iran. Many of the insurgents are citizens of Iran. Just today several militants from Iran were arrested. We must win this war, or we will lose much more than Iraq. We cannot led terrorists and terrorist nations, ie Iran and Syria, gain any more momentum or power than they already have. These countries are indeed terrorist nations. They are the main supporters and sponsors of radical terrorist groups like Hezbollah. They are fascists, like the Nazis were. They believe their ideology is the only thing that should be on the face of this planet, and that any who oppose them should be wiped off the face of the earth. This is something we cannot ignore or escape. If we lose in Iraq, Iran will take it over. It will become another safe-haven for terrorists. We simply cannot afford not to win in Iraq!
I hope and pray that the Democrats here will open their eyes and see this. They must stop fighting everything President Bush does, and realize that they need to do not only what is best for the Iraqi people, but what is best for our people!

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