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I was talking with a friend of mine the other day about how scary it is that two of the Presidential candidates clearly want to take this country in a socialist direction.  Socialism is a scary thing, and not something I’d ever like to experience.  As we were talking I remarked about how I thought Socialism can appear to be pretty good on paper.  No one suffering.  That’s appealing.  I don’t think anyone wants people to suffer and be poor and hungry.  However, when you add people into the equation, things go totally haywire.  See, on paper, socialism appears good.  It looks like something that could help people, and allow everyone to be happy.  Everyone gets an equal part.  In fact, it sounds a lot like the Law of Consecration.  But, in actuality, it’s quite different.  When I told this to my friend, she made the simple, yet profound statement that Socialism is Satan’s version of the Law of Consecration.  This is very true.  Satan can confuse and twist something good and wonderful and make it seem great while it is actually horrible.  The difference between the Socialism and the Law of Consecration is that with Socialism, it is the government taking from you, while the Law of Consecration is you giving willingly.  Satan’s plan was to take away our free agency.  That’s exactly what Socialism does.  You are not given a choice as to whether or not you will contribute, because it’s just taken.  Isn’t amazing how one little difference can cause such a huge change in the overall result. 

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