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Politics.  It’s all about politics.  This ill conceived “war on women” the left says is taking place.  It’s all about politics.  Nothing more.

As a woman, I feel qualified to speak on this issue.

First of all, let me state this.  There is a war on women going on in this country right now.  But it’s not coming from the right.  And, it’s not manifesting itself the way the left portrays it.

I’m going to be very bold here, and I make no apologies for it.  Some will not like what I have to say, but that’s OK.

The “war on women” is being waged by the progressives in this country.  It all started back at the beginning of the twentieth century, and was done in a stealthy way.  Getting women to participate and be the champions of the cause- pretty brilliant.  I don’t think any of those early activists realized they were being used.  Pawns in a much more elaborate plan- tear down the family and you will tear down society.  Tear down the family and society, and you create a people dependent on the government for providing for them.  Create a people dependent on the government, and get all the power.

It started off sounding great.  Give women the vote.  I fully believe women should have the ability to vote.  Everyone who can should vote.  Women fought long and hard for that, and they should have.  It’s after getting the nineteenth amendment passed that things took a turn for the worse, and namely after WWII.  But getting the vote, women’s suffrage, that’s what planted the seeds for “women’s liberation.”

And my question is this, what did we need to be liberated from????  We’ll get back to that.

During WWII, women had to go to work, as so many men were fighting for our freedom.  It was a noble cause, and those women should be applauded for stepping up to the jobs that needed to be done.  But then the war ended and those men came back to their jobs.  Many of the women went back to being homemakers, but some did not.  Enter the 1950’s.

When I think of the 1950’s, I get an instant image of June Cleaver in her heals and pearls and apron.  I mean, really, doesn’t everyone?  And that’s where things fall apart.  Suddenly being Mrs. Cleaver wasn’t enough.  I mean, really, it was Ward who ran things in that family, right?  And that’s no good, right?  I mean, we can’t have women being treated like second class citizens, right?  Wasn’t it better when the women were a large part of the workforce during the war?  Why just be a wife or mom?  There is so much more to life than that, right?

During the 1960’s, the country was turned on it’s head and shaken up a bit.  The radical leftest movements of the 60’s forever changed our country and our mentality.  Women took their fight to a whole new level.  Burning bras and free love.  No more being oppressed, right?  Women were showing they were a force to be reckoned with and no one was going to keep them down any more, right?  Because nothing says take me seriously like sleeping around and burning your underwear in the streets.

And as time went on, more and more women left the home and went to work and had someone else take care of their children. But they were empowered, right?  I mean, they missed their children’s first steps and first words, but they had everything, right?  A career, a family.  What more could a woman want, right??

As all of this was happening, something else happened too.  More and more, women had many sexual partners.  Because that was liberation, right?  That’s what the left taught us.  Free love.  Don’t be tied down.  And as more and more women became more and more casual with sex, more and more men became more casual with love (and by love, I mean actually loving a woman and valuing her and cherishing her).  And as the love between the sexes became more casual, more and more men stopped acting like gentlemen and became focused on their next sexual conquest.  Sex became less and less about making love and more about making jolly.  But, that’s liberation, right???

And, as sex became nothing but part of a date, pregnancies increased (tends to happen that way).  And because women were so liberated, they didn’t need children, right?  Wouldn’t kids just get in the way of their careers and their travels and such???  So, women had abortions.  Because it became easier to kill the babies instead of loving them.  But that’s liberation, right?????

So, let me get this straight.  According to the left in this country, who have, over the course of the last hundred years, drastically changed the way we, as a society, view women, we are liberated???  Because giving your body away, killing your babies, making your career more important than your family, having someone else raise the children you do decided to have, not being valued by your husband/boyfriend/one night stand – somehow, those things make you important and liberated???  Yeah, I just don’t get that.  Not at all.

Let me tell you something.  Having sex with a man just because doesn’t make you free.  In fact, it makes you a piece of meat.  You really think that all those men you sleep with really value you and think you are important??  I think not.  When you give yourself away like that, you are saying that you don’t value yourself enough to be with someone that loves you and deeply cares for you.  That doesn’t sound like any kind of liberation I want.  When you are pregnant and decided to kill that child because you just don’t want a child, that doesn’t make you free or liberated or anything else.  It makes you, at best, exceptionally selfish.  You are willing to kill a human being because you’ve been told all this time that it was your right.  What a barbaric society we’ve become when we kill our own children.  That does not make you of great worth or liberated from oppression, or any other thing that’s good.  When you choose to leave your children in the care of someone else so you can build up some great career, that doesn’t make you free.  I know several women who have to work; they don’t have a choice.  They hate leaving their children every day.  They hate missing milestones and important moments in their children’s lives.  They hate feeling like they don’t have as strong of a bond with their children as they would like.  And, you know what else?  Society has suffered greatly from so many children being raised by daycares and such.  So many children would be in less trouble and have less problems if their moms were just there for them when they need them.

Despite being told contrary from the left, men and women are different.  We were created to be different.  We have different roles we are supposed to fill.  Men were designed to be the hunters and providers.  Women were designed to be the nurturers and caregivers.  That is our natural role.  So why does the left constantly fight for us to go against what we were designed to do.  Why do they fight so hard for us to go against our natural instincts?  That doesn’t sound like liberation to me.

In the twisted process of “women’s liberation,” we have devalued women and their natural role.  We’ve devalued motherhood and made it seem like it’s nothing.  We’ve also devalued men and made them much less masculine.  With the mentality of “we don’t need men,” we’ve devalued fatherhood, and stripped men of their natural role, too.  But, guess what?  Our children are suffering because they have absentee fathers and mothers too wrapped up with themselves.  Our society is suffering because we have so many problems from the fallout of these ideals.

How is any of this good for women?

I may laugh at the image of June Cleaver in my mind, in her heals and apron, but I wish women today would be more like her.  She embraced her natural, God-given role in life.  She nurtured her husband and children.  She enjoyed her time with friends.  She loved her children and they never doubted that.  She was their for her children whenever they needed and they knew it.  And, she had a husband that loved her, really really loved her.  A husband that would do anything for her.  A husband that recognized her value as a mother and wife and praised her for it.  That is what this society needs now.

The war on women hasn’t been waged from the right and the republicans in this country, but from the left, slowly, over several decades.  The war on women isn’t about being able to have an abortion or get free birth control.  It’s about a woman’s identity and role being trashed and smashed over time.  It’s about motherhood being attacked as something not worthwhile.  It’s about women being degraded and demeaned and feeling like they aren’t of any worth.

As little girls, most of us dream of being queens and princesses, but those ideals are lost as we mature in this world of women’s liberation.  What a sad, sad thing.  I really hope women in this country wake up, and embrace what they were born to be, “a beloved daughter of Heavenly Father, prepared to come to the earth at this particular time for a sacred and glorious purpose.”

I want to leave you women with this thought, from Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

You are truly royal spirit daughters of Almighty God. You are princesses, destined to become queens. Your own wondrous story has already begun. Your “once upon a time” is now.

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I’m going to need someone to explain this to me.  Seriously.  And, I guess I should specify.  I would like a democrat to explain this to me.  I honestly would, because it just doesn’t make sense to me.  I’m not looking for a fight, just a simple explanation.

Ok, this is what I fail to grasp.

In New York City, the liberal government wants to ban the sale of large sugary drinks.  It’s supposed to help people be healthier.  Apparently, people aren’t capable of making their own choices when it comes to what they drink.  And, it’s not just large sugary drinks.  Trans-fats, too.  And even lunches children bring to school from home are being monitored.  All under the guise of making sure we stay healthy.  So, just to be clear, they believe the government has the right to regulate what you consume.  Do I have that correct?

Next, liberals fight for abortion rights.  Shoot, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, just endorsed Barack Obama and donated $1.4 million to his campaign.  Liberals and the abortion industry seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They fight for the “right” of women to have abortions.  For women to be able to “choose.”  After all, they argue, it’s a woman’s body, and she should decide what happens with it.  Do I have that right?

I’d hate to be going on wrong information here.


Why is it not OK for the government to tell a woman what she can do with her body, but it is OK for the government to tell her what she can eat or drink (which, I think would be considered what she can do with her body)?

Is anyone else confused by this?

I find it awfully hypocritical that liberals can fight for abortions under the guise of “it’s my body and I can do what I want,” but they feel perfectly justified and logical in dictating what people can and can’t eat and drink.

So, it’s OK to kill babies, but not to drink large sodas?

Just looking for some clarification and reasoning here.

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I recently saw a graphic from the left about what republicans have supposedly done to our country.  If I’m totally honest, it made me pretty upset.  Just another example of how vilified republicans and conservatives are.  It’s getting really annoying.  And, I’d really like to see the facts on some of these claims.  I mean, when I don’t like a policy, I can tell you exactly why, and back it up with history and facts.  As much as I’ve asked people to explain some of these things to me and give me any evidence, I’ve yet to get any.  Why is it those on the left can get away with all kinds of lies and manipulation of the truth and a republican says fact about why they don’t like a liberal policy and suddenly they are the hateful one?  What the heck is that about?!

Anyhow, I thought I’d share the picture here and give you all my thoughts on it.

First, here’s the picture:


Now, I’d like to share my thoughts on these things.  One by one, here we go.  Please tell me if I’m missing something.

  • War on Women’s reproductive rights. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE BIRTH CONTROL AWAY!!! Let me repeat that. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE BIRTH CONTROL AWAY!!! Just because some people don’t personally believe in birth control doesn’t mean they want to pass legislation to take it away from people. We just don’t believe the government should tell a PRIVATE business what they have to cover. Also, we believe killing babies through abortion is wrong. (Incidentally, if someone kills a pregnant woman, they are charged with two counts of murder. But, apparently if a woman wants to kill her own baby, that’s ok??)
  • Second, NO ONE IS TRYING TO END WIC. We simply believe that there should be checks and balances to these systems and that they would be better run not by the government but by private churches and charities. We also believe that there are way too many abuses and much waste in these programs. We also don’t believe illegal immigrants should receive these benefits.
  • Third: War on NPR. You’ve got to be kidding right?! Seriously, that is a load of bologna. Did you know that tax payer dollars support NPR? My thought is this: if NPR is so well liked, why can’t it make it as a regular radio station would? Or, why can’t those who like it, be the ones who pay for it? I see NPR as a largely left leaning organization. I don’t personally like my tax dollars supporting that. I highly doubt liberals would like it if tax dollars went to support Fox News or Sean Hannity or something similar. I mean, geez-  look how the left is trying so hard to get Rush Limbaugh off the air, and his show is paid for privately.  My question is this:  What business does the government have being in the radio or television business in the first place?
  • Next: War on Desegregation. Somebody please explain this to me!  When did republicans ever try to end or undo segregation? Again I ask, what evidence is there that republicans are racist? Because we by and large disagree with the President’s policies? Disagreeing with someone who happens to be black DOES NOT MAKE SOMEONE RACIST!
  • Next: War on Marriage equality and anti-gay agenda. Ok, I can see how you could see it that way. I believe marriage is ordained of God and is a sacred institution. I believe that institution should be between one man and one woman. However, that doesn’t mean I hate gay people or that I am homophobic or that I have some anti-gay crusade going on. I simply believe that the family is a sacred unit.  I’m all for people being with whomever they would like.  I might disagree with the choices people make, but that’s their business not mine.  I just don’t think we should go about changing what marriage is, for a whole host of reasons, none of which is that I hate gay people- because, despite popular belief, I don’t.  If all republicans hated gay people, there certainly wouldn’t be any gay republicans.  And, there definitely are a good number of gay republicans.
  • Next: War on Net neutrality. Yup, that’s true. I hate net neutrality. I think it is a HUGE mistake for the government to start regulating something else. The government has never successfully gotten itself involved in something in the private sector. I don’t care to have to government regulating my internet access and usage.  And, besides that, I truly believe it is a very slippery slope.  It wouldn’t take long before the government would start banning websites and censoring information, all the in name of national security.
  • Ok, next: birthers. Nope, just a few people out there are what we would call birthers and most of us think they are nuts. Not a popular republican belief at all.  Anti-Obama agenda? Seriously? Yeah, just because people disagree with him and propose legislation that goes against what he would like doesn’t make them anti-Obama. This has been going on since the founding of our country, over 200 years ago. Congressmen propose legislation that goes against what other congressmen or the President would like. It’s part of the system and how it was designed to be, in order to make sure one person or party doesn’t have all the power. It has nothing to do with Anti-Obama. Anti-socialism, but not anti-Obama.
  • Next, war on unions, etc. Yes, I believe they are right one that one. I think unions, though they once did good and had a place, they have become bloated and too powerful. I believe they largely are after padding their own pockets and not what is best for the worker. A lot of that comes from when a family member worked for the teacher’s union. To say they are corrupt is a huge understatement. Also, look at the UAW. Because they forced automakers to pay for things they couldn’t afford, a whole city got screwed. Now, if you compare that with companies like Toyota, who are non-union. They have US plants with plenty of workers, who are kept safe and are paid well. They make quality vehicles and make a profit every year and they towns they are in are thriving.
  • War on the middle class. Just wrong. That’s all. Here’s another one I’ll need someone to explain that to me.
  • Next: War on immigration. Sorry, just wrong. We are against ILLEGAL immigration and believe the immigration system needs to be changed so people can come here easier, LEGALLY. Illegal immigration is bad. Legal immigration is awesome.
  • Next: War on child labor laws. WHAT!?!?  That one doesn’t even make logical sense!  Can anyone explain that one to me because I’m at a complete loss here.
  • Next: War on the right to vote. Now, all of a sudden, wanting people to show their ID when voting (to ensure they are who they saw they are) is a war on the right to vote?  How that is in any way wrong?  And, while we are at it, how is it racist?
  • Next: war on Islam. Sorry, wrong again. War on terrorists, yes. But, we understand that the Islamic people that we would call terrorists are just a small part of that religion. We know that you can’t judge a whole religion by a few crazy fanatics. We also believe that people like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who deny the holocaust happened, say they want to kill all Jews, and want to wipe Israel and America off the map, are dangerous nuts who hide behind their religion. But we do not judge the religion as a whole by those crazy people.
  • Next: War on science. That makes no sense. What have republicans done that demonstrates this? I LOVE science! Again, looking for an explanation of this. War on the environment: Wrong again. We believe we need to take care of our environment. Despite the liberal painting of us as people who want to poison the water, pollute the air, cut down all the trees, and kill the polar bears, we actually do care about the planet and the animals. We also care about the people here. Sometimes, the needs of the people interfere with a pretty tree. We will choose people over the tree. As for global warming, even though Al Gore (with his private jets and suv’s) would tell you that we are all killing the earth, that’s simply not ever been proven to be true. The fact is, if people on the left would  learn some of that science that they claim we hate, they would learn the earth, along with the Sun and other planets, goes through warming and cooling cycles. It’s happened since the creation of the universe. And, another pesky fact is that the average temperature of the earth has been declining since 1999.
  • War on Health: Oops, wrong again. I know some on the left would have you believe that we don’t want kids with autism and down’s syndrome to get the care they need, or grandma to get the medicine she needs, but that simply isn’t true. (By the way, we are the ones by and large fighting for those same kids with downs syndrome not to be aborted just because they have a disability, and for no one to be able to kill grandma just because she’s old.  We value every single human life!)  We want everyone to have medical care. EVERYONE! We just don’t think the government should be in charge of it. Really, what has the government ever run successfully? And people want to hand their health care over to them?!?! No thank you. I’d much rather have the government out of it and go back to a system before Medicare and Medicaid drove up the costs of all medical care. If you were to look back to the 1960’s, for example, many times doctors would be able to treat someone for free or very reduced, when they couldn’t pay for it. Sometimes they would trade services. But, people took care of each other. That’s how it should be. But then the government got involved and everyone got screwed. Also, please show me one country where socialized medicine has worked successfully. It hasn’t. It fails the people every time. So to summarize, we want everyone to have health care, even grandma.
  • Next: war on education. What?? We actually love education. We don’t love teacher’s unions and things that get in the way of kids getting a good education. But, we love education. We actually advocate for school choice, in order to give kids more of an opportunity to succeed and get a better education. I just don’t see how someone can claim we have a war on education. War on historical revisionism. Yes, that is very true. History has been warped and changed throughout the decades, and it largely started with the progressive movement in the early 1900’s. But, I’m sure both sides have revised history, which is too bad. The only way to get real truth in history is to go back to original sources. However, I think what was meant by that is that republicans are the ones changing history. I’m sure there has been changing of history by both the right and left, but by and large it’s been the progressive movement that has changed things. It’s very easy to trace. Someone please help me understand this better, too.


OK- that’s the whole thing.  Rant done.  Love to hear your thoughts!


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and that’s for a couple reasons.  The first, I’ve been really super busy.  Second, sometimes words seem inadequate to express my thoughts on certain things, generally politically.  But, there are just way too many things going on that I’d like to comment on, so I’m going to touch on them today. 

First, what seems to have become a big story:  Sarah Palin vs. David Letterman.  I find it ridiculous that Letterman would joke about a 14year old (and yes, it was the 14 year old daughter not the 19 year old) girl being sexually assaulted.  I find it ridiculous that Letterman would joke and call Gov. Palin “slutty.”  On this, I have two questions.  1.  What would have been the repercussions if a conservative comedian made those kind of jokes about liberals, say Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, or the Obamas?  There would have been extreme outrage.  (And let me just say the jokes were distasteful, and I would think the same regardless of who the jokes were about.)  However, because the jokes were about conservative Governor Sarah Palin and her family, there are just excuses being made, none of which I buy, by the way.  It is absurd the extreme double standard that exists in mainstream media.  Of course that is nothing new, but it’s still irritating.  2.  What would Dave say if someone made jokes like that about his child or wife?

Second, the elections in Iran.  Initially, I favored the defeat of Ahmadinejad because I thought the contender, Mousavi, would be better on international issues.  However, I don’t think there would be much difference between the two as far a international policy.  However, I still think Mousavi would be great for the country because he supports more freedoms for the people of Iran, and he has a great deal of support from the citizens in Iran.  And, personally, I think any steps toward freedom are good, and in a country like that, they will be small steps.  Now, this morning, it’s coming out that Ahmadinejad has been declared the winner of the election.  The results are highly contested and controversial.  This was supposed to be a very close race, and it seems astounding that he would loose by such a huge margin, let alone in his own home town.  People have taken to the streets in protest, and frankly, that’s a great thing to see in a country so tightly ruled.  The Interior Ministry of the country has blocked communications, including text messaging, and pulled newspapers from the stands.  So, we actually know more here, than the people in Iran do.  Something is foul about all this, to be sure. 

What next?  Ah, yes, North Korea.  First of all, I think we can all agree that Kim Jong-Il is completely crazy.  The idea of this guy being in charge of weapons (more…)

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Love this! 

Check out what Mark Levin has to say!  Very profound.  (Click on the little speaker.)

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House Republicans are not taking this lightly, however.  They are finally showing some guts and standing up to the Democrats for what is right and good for America!  Today was day 3 of the House Republican Revolt.  They are asking simply for an up or down vote on offshore drilling.  Nancy Pelosi won’t allow it.  She was grilled on George Stephanopoulos’ show “This Week” about it, and had no reason for denying the vote, except that she didn’t agree with offshore drilling.  Stephanopoulos really pressed her on this over and over, (more…)

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My friend Mike has a great post up on the real Barack Obama.  Please check it out!

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With all the plans Obama has for new government programs, entitlement programs have been under a microscope lately.  I believe this is a good thing.  The folks at the Heritage Foundation have written a great article about the costs of these programs.  It is completely out of control.  Now, Obama and his liberal friends want to add more.  To many Americans, the promises that they are making sound great.  But one of the problems with all of these programs (and there are many programs and many problems) is that people don’t look at what it will really cost them.   Here’s a great graphic that illustrates this beautifully.  (Click to enlarge.)

We must start cutting entitlement programs.  (And no, we shouldn’t just abandon the people that are on Social Security.)  We simply cannot allow more government entitlement spending.

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I’ve been promising a friend of mine for a while now that I would post something about this, so I’m finally getting to it. 

Let me start with some background.  Earlier this year, Senator Harry Reid (in all his glory), stuck his foot in his mouth once again, when he blamed President Bush for not having enough bathrooms for tourists in the Capitol Building.  He said that the congressmen always joke that they know when it is tourist season because of the smell (yes, saying that the tourists stink).  Apparently the toursts congregate in the building while waiting for bathrooms, and all the people in there cause an unpleasant smell.  So, he then blamed President Bush for not having enough bathrooms for all the tourists, and essentially saying that it was President Bush’s fault for the tourists being stinky.   Now, as one of our great local radio talk show hosts, Casey Hendrickson, pointed out, the President isn’t even allowed at the Capitol (that whole separation of powers thing).  And since Congress is the body that does all the fund appropriating, why do they not appropriate themselves some more bathrooms? 

So, anyway, this got me thinking about all the different things President Bush has been blamed for.  A few of my favorites include: 

  • Tourists stinking.  (See above)
  • It was Bush’s fault when all that spinach was making people sick with e.coli.  (If he would have had better or more agriculture inspectors, that wouldn’t have happened.)
  • Global warming.  (If he had signed the Kyoto Protocol…) 
  • Hurricane Katrina.  (Global warming caused Hurricane Katrina.  See above)

The list could go on and on.  Anyway, in thinking about all this, I realized that the Left in this country is giving President Bush all kinds of power, by blaming him for this.  I mean, just looking at my short little list, here’s what the President can do:  make people stink, make people sick, warm up the earth, cause hurricanes.  I mean, what kind of power is that?  And here I was thinking he was just a man, but according to all the liberals, he must be really really powerful.  Dare I say, even magical!  He must have extraordinary abilities!  I mean, this is the only thing that could explain it.  And, since everyone knows Dick Chaney is really controlling Bush, he must be even more powerful!  Maybe they are some sort of wizards or something, and they spend their time together ploting and scheming. 

Of course any reasonable person knows that these things are not Bush’s fault; he just happened to be President at the time these things occurred.  But, sometimes it’s fun to try to figure out what the liberals could possibly be thinking.  It’s the only explanation that makes since with their line of thinking.

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That’s right, we’ve survived Global Warming! Boy, was that close! Whew!
Global Warming is officially OVER!
But, wait, I thought Al Gore’s Nobel Prize proved it was all true! I said earlier, his Inconvenient Truth was a Convenient Lie! Turns out the predictions were wrong. What a farce this all was, and now it’s finally coming to light! I mean there have been so many times it has been discounted, but now, I guess it’s official! I, for one, couldn’t be happier! But, you know what’s coming, don’t you? It’s the new ice age…now it will be global cooling! Oh no! The hysteria! It happened before. Brace yourself, you know it’s coming.
I wish they’d make up their minds, already! I guess they just need something to nag us about and to regulate. I wonder what it will be next year?

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