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My Daddy

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything.  That’s because my world has been turned upside down. 

A little over four weeks ago, my dad passed away unexpectedly in his sleep.  Ever since then, nothing has been the same. 

My dad was my rock.  He was my friend.  He was my daddy.  He will always be.  But I miss him terribly.  He was such a huge part of our lives.  I love my dad more than I could ever begin to describe. 

It’s been  4 weeks now,  and I still feel lost and terribly sad.  The sadness is purely selfish.  I’m thrilled for him.  I know where he is.  I know that I’ll see him and be with him again.  I know tme-and-dadhat death is not the end and that I can be with my family for eternity.  However, I’m so sad not to have him physically here anymore.  Someone told me that we never mourn for those that have passed, we mourn for those of us left behind.  It’s so true. 

I wanted to take a little bit of time, and talk about my dad a bit. 

My dad’s world revolved around me and the kids.  His family was his life.  Growing up he always put me first and was always there for me when I needed him.  There are countless examples of this, but I remember on one particular occasion, I was in preschool.  Some kid slammed my pinkie in the hinge part of a door and I was in some serious pain.  I remember getting some ice from the teacher, and then looking up and seeing my dad there.  It seemed like it has only been a couple minutes since it had happened.  My dad was at work at the time, but dropped everything and drove as fast as he could to come get me.   On another occasion, he came to the rescue when I lost my favorite blankie.  I have wonderful memories of going out to Lake Mead with my dad.  No matter how much he wanted to fish, he always made sure to pull the boat up to shore line so I could go collect sea shells and rocks and other fun things.  We spent a lot of time outdoors when I was younger, as my dad loved to fish and hunt and camp.  We stayed close, even as I was a teenager.  My dad was always someone I felt I could talk to and go to with anything.  He wasn’t always happy about what I did, but he was always there for me and always loved me.  After I got married and had children, my dad was a wonderful grandpa.  Trips to grandpa’s house with the boys always started off by visiting the garage and playing with tools and learning something.  He loved to have the boys come over and they would build things and work on all kinds of projects together.  And the girls just melted his heart.  In talking to family and friends, he would constantly be talking about the kids.  He took such joy in all of them.  He was a huge part of our lives. 

My dad was incredibly talented.  As a young child I remember sitting next to him and watching him as he tied flies for fly fishing, or worked on a fishing rod, making it look completely amazing.  He also was an extremely skilled woodturner.  The things he made on that wood lathe were absolutely incredible, including intricate baby rattles for each of the kids.  My dad was also the one anyone called if they wanted a picture frame made, or shelves made, or anything fixed. 

My dad was also a very kind and gentle man.  He was a great example to everyone who knew him. 

I’m so grateful for the time I did have here with him, and I’m so grateful that he is my dad.

You can read the obituary here.

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I wanted to take a moment and talk about a wonderful friend of mine, Aimee, who passed away today, surrounded by family and friends, after loosing her battle with Cystic Fibrosis.   

Aimee and one of my daughters

She and I have been friends for about 13 years, after we met in high school.  We’ve had some awesome times together, full of fun and laughter.  But, with Aimee, it was always that way.  She always had a smile.  Aimee was one of the most warm and caring people I’ve ever known.  She was usually more concerned about other people than herself, even when she was sick.  Her heart was so big and full of love to give.  Aimee was also a rebel and highly opinionated.  She wasn’t afraid to tell you what she thought.  But, I think that’s why she had so many people that loved her.  Aimee was an aunt to my children, and a dear, dear friend to me.  She was also a wonderful daughter and sister, and to Aimee, her family was everything.  While it saddens me to think of life without her here, I am comforted and delighted with the knowledge of where she is now, and the amazing memories I will carry with me forever.


Mike also wrote about Aimee on his blog.

You can read Aimee’s obituary here.  It appears in the July 23 issue of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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I love my kids! They truly are wonderful! I can’t believe the amount of joy they bring to me, on a daily basis. God sure knows what he’s doing with this whole family thing! It’s the best!
The following are some pictures of my little ones, bringing huge smiles to my face!

The boys were playing in the backyard for something like 3 hours the other day. They had a blast making and playing with mud. I mean, come on, what’s better than that? Life was good, and I just had to smile. Just complete and total joy for them. It’s awesome. (They are washable, after all.) I love it!
Top to bottom: The boys both sitting in their mud puddle and smiling for the camera; Logan standing on the picnic table doing some kind of Tarzan thing; Gavin showing his happiness, and his dirt.

Daphne and her best friend, Sydney, had a craft and play day. It was great fun. First a trip to the craft store, where great fun was had by all, then they got to color these nifty flowers and butterflies. They are so cute together, and they love spending time with each other!

Top to bottom: Sydney taking a picture of Daphne; Daphne coloring her butterfly magnet; the girls working with their respective crafts.

Genevie got a loom I use to make knit hats and somehow got her head through it. After that, it was stuck. I tried every which way I could to get it off, but we had to have Grandpa come cut it off with some super strong pliers. (I’m just glad we didn’t have to call the fire dept. to come get it off.) So, while we were waiting for Grandpa, I decided I might as well get a few pictures. So silly!

Top to bottom: Up close of Genevie with the loom necklace, looking happy as can be; Genevie looking at a book while we waited; the loom after it was removed.

Just a few miscellaneous pictures.
Top to bottom: Logan was giving a family home evening lesson, and he was showing us all kinds of different things that Jesus and Heavenly Father made for us; Gavin was showing me his awesome scooter tricks; Daphne and a huge smile; Grandpa and the kids reading stories together before bed; another one of Grandpa and the kiddos, reading to them like he used to read to me (I’ve definitely got THE best dad in the world!)

The Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful family! I love them more than I can possibly express! How grateful I am that we have been sealed together forever! What more could I ask for?!

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February 7, 2008, was a day of mourning for conservatives everywhere.

The campaign of Governor Mitt Romney, 60, was cut short Thursday, February 7, 2008, when he announced to CPAC that he was suspending it. After he served as governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007, he began his campaign. In February of 2007 he announced his candidacy, and was a welcome addition to conservatives. His campaign was strong from the get-go, and weathered many storms. When the focus of this candidacy became his Mormon religion, he didn’t back down, but instead faced those who criticized his faith. His candidacy was for so long the bright ray of sunshine in an otherwise grim Republican field. In a time of immense Reagan nostalgia, Romney gave many conservates/Reganites great reason to rejoice. Indeed, Mitt Romney was, in the end, the only hope for true conservatism to be back in the White House.
His campaign is survived by his wonderful family, who supported him all the way; all the volunteers that spent so many hours working on his behalf; conservatives everywhere, who miss the great Ronald Reagan; his 286 delegates; the Constitution; patriotism; hope for another run; hard work; faith; and love.
Memorial services were held in the hearts of many!

It is clear that Mitt Romney loves his country!

“It is the common task of each generation – and the burden of liberty – to preserve this country, expand its freedoms and renew its spirit so that its noble past is prologue to its glorious future.
“To this task, accepting this burden, we are all dedicated, and I firmly believe, by the providence of the Almighty, that we will succeed beyond our fondest hope. America must remain, as it has always been, the hope of the Earth.
“Thank you, and God bless America.”

~Mitt Romney
CPAC, February 7, 2008

“And if you believe that as I do, that our source of strength is our people, then when America faces a new generation of challenges like we do today you don’t look to government. You don’t look to make government bigger. You don’t look to make government stronger. You look to make the people stronger. Because that has always been and will always be the source of our destiny. And when we need to call on the strength of America we look to strengthen the American people …
“We rise to the occasion time and again. Whatever we face, whatever challenges we have, there is no challenge greater than that which can be achieved by drawing upon the spirit of the people of America. This is the hope of the world. We will always be such.”

~Mitt Romney
Final Speech as RGA Chair, November 30, 2006

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A friend directed me to this wonderful tribute to President Hinckley. It was done by Glenn Beck, a conservative talk show host who is LDS.


Very touching!

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Once in a while, they just surprise you!

Sometimes, a husband can really surprise you, and through you for a loop.
Adam has been taunting me all week about what he was planning for Mother’s Day. Now, you have to understand that he’s never really done much, so I was a little afraid, and didn’t want to get to excited. So, anyway, the kids and I were cleaning the house earlier today, when the doorbell rang. I go to the door and answer it, and sitting on my doorstep is a massive amount of caffeine free Dr. Pepper. I was perplexed, and then Adam jumped out from around the corner. All of a sudden everything clicked into place. Allow me to explain.
I haven’t had Dr. Pepper since I joined the Church almost 11 years ago, since it has caffeine. I used to absolutely love it! Anyway, for whatever reason, lately I’ve been talking about it, and someone mentioned that you could get caffeine free Dr. Pepper in St. George. I thought that maybe one of these times, I would ask some good friends of mine to bring some down for me on one of their trips up there. Didn’t really think much more about it. So, Adam noticed that I really wanted some, and looked to see where he could find it. Apparently it’s not sold within 100 miles of Vegas. So he called all over St. George until he found a place that carried it. He drove up there just to get me soda. I know it may sound very silly, but that is really the sweetest thing he’s ever done for me! I was so surprised, and touched that he would do all that, just to get me something. Whoever would have thought soda could make me cry?

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It’s REALLY been that long?!

I just noticed the date today, and realized that Adam and I have been together for 8 years now. It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. We became a couple on our first date. It’s fun to remember:
We went with a few other couples to A-Tech’s Girl’s Reverse dance. I remember I had wanted to ask him well before Christmas vacation, but it took me a long time to get up the nerve. What drama that turned into! Needless to say, I was so nervous that night! Had I known I was with my future husband, it probably would have been worse! But, we ended up having a very fun evening. I remember that it ended at my friend Aimee’s house, with her yelling at us because we had become a couple so quickly.
It’s so funny to look back on all that now. Who’d have known then, that 8 years later we’d be married with 4 kids?!

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