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A friend directed me to this wonderful tribute to President Hinckley. It was done by Glenn Beck, a conservative talk show host who is LDS.


Very touching!

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Once in a while, they just surprise you!

Sometimes, a husband can really surprise you, and through you for a loop.
Adam has been taunting me all week about what he was planning for Mother’s Day. Now, you have to understand that he’s never really done much, so I was a little afraid, and didn’t want to get to excited. So, anyway, the kids and I were cleaning the house earlier today, when the doorbell rang. I go to the door and answer it, and sitting on my doorstep is a massive amount of caffeine free Dr. Pepper. I was perplexed, and then Adam jumped out from around the corner. All of a sudden everything clicked into place. Allow me to explain.
I haven’t had Dr. Pepper since I joined the Church almost 11 years ago, since it has caffeine. I used to absolutely love it! Anyway, for whatever reason, lately I’ve been talking about it, and someone mentioned that you could get caffeine free Dr. Pepper in St. George. I thought that maybe one of these times, I would ask some good friends of mine to bring some down for me on one of their trips up there. Didn’t really think much more about it. So, Adam noticed that I really wanted some, and looked to see where he could find it. Apparently it’s not sold within 100 miles of Vegas. So he called all over St. George until he found a place that carried it. He drove up there just to get me soda. I know it may sound very silly, but that is really the sweetest thing he’s ever done for me! I was so surprised, and touched that he would do all that, just to get me something. Whoever would have thought soda could make me cry?

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It’s REALLY been that long?!

I just noticed the date today, and realized that Adam and I have been together for 8 years now. It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. We became a couple on our first date. It’s fun to remember:
We went with a few other couples to A-Tech’s Girl’s Reverse dance. I remember I had wanted to ask him well before Christmas vacation, but it took me a long time to get up the nerve. What drama that turned into! Needless to say, I was so nervous that night! Had I known I was with my future husband, it probably would have been worse! But, we ended up having a very fun evening. I remember that it ended at my friend Aimee’s house, with her yelling at us because we had become a couple so quickly.
It’s so funny to look back on all that now. Who’d have known then, that 8 years later we’d be married with 4 kids?!

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