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In the last couple of days, the news has come out that the President has released a list of some private citizens who have donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign.  According to the Wall Street Journal article, these donors were demonized and made to sound criminal, though they have committed no crimes.  The idea is to make Mitt Romney look bad by making those who contribute to him look bad.

President Obama isn’t the first president to use this tactic.  Richard Nixon did it too.  However, after the outrage the American people expressed at such techniques, those who followed Nixon chose not to do the same.  Until now.

Look, I can’t really fault President Obama for looking at those who donate and support Mitt Romney.  I don’t think the actions of these donors are anything bad, and neither do many Republicans.  But, I do believe it is a fair and reasonable thing to do to look at the people supporting a candidate.  So that begs the question:  Who is looking into Obama’s donors and supporters??

If we follow the President’s reasoning, we could certainly tell a lot about Barack Obama by those who support him and donate to his campaign.  Now, the mainstream media didn’t do this in 2008, and likely won’t do it this year either.  And because they weren’t willing to vet Obama, we ended up with someone in the White House who works to lead the United States into a socialist country, and calls the Constitution a “charter of negative liberties.”  Because they weren’t willing to vet Obama, we have someone in the White House who has contempt toward those who are financially successful (never mind his millions).  Because they weren’t willing to vet Obama, we have someone in the White House who believes capitalism and free market principles are evil.  Since the mainstream media, which the majority of Americans watch and listen to and believe, will not do the job they should, the rest of us have to.

So, let’s take a look at some of those who support Obama and contribute to his campaign.  If we are to judge Romney by that, let’s do the same for Obama.

Here are some of his supporters, in no particular order.

Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn:  Married, college    professors, and once leaders of the domestic terrorist group The Weather Underground.  They were responsible for many bombings in the 1960’s and 1970’s, including a New York City police station and the US Capitol Building.  In an article that appeared, ironically, on September 11, 2001, in the New York Times, Bill Ayers, stated:  “I don’t regret setting bombs, I feel we didn’t do enough.”  REALLY?!  The Weather Underground did some absolutely awful things.  Too many to list here.  Look them up, then ask yourself if the President of the United States should have these people in his close circle.  (Oh, did I      mention, Obama began his political career IN THE HOME OF AYERS AND DOHRN?) The Weather Underground was also part of Students for a Democratic Society.  Look them up too.  No good.

     Jeremiah Wright:  Reverend, Pastor Emeritus at Trinity United Church – the church the Obama’s attended for over 20 years, anti-American, anti-Semite.  The man who married the Obama’s and baptized their two daughters, Reverend Wright has not been shy with his hateful remarks (this is just one, out of many examples).   One must ask themselves why it is that our President attended this man’s church for 20 years and how he could sit for 20 years in the pews and not come away with some of the same beliefs espoused by the Reverend Wright?  Look it up, see what he’s said, then ask yourself if the President of the United States should be associating with someone like that.

Louis Farrakhan:  Leader of the Nation of Islam, anti-American, anti-Semitic.  He has consistently been hateful toward Israel and Jewish people and the United States.  This is not the kind of person the President of the United States should be associating himself with.  Look him up too, and ask yourself why Barack Obama would be associating with this man.

Raul Castro:  Brother of Fidel Castro and leader of Communist Cuba.  Don’t you feel better knowing a Communist dictator supports having Barack Obama for our President?

Daniel Ortega:  President of Nicaragua, devout Marxist.  Yet another winner of a leader supporting our President.  Makes you wonder why Communists and Marxists would be supporting him, doesn’t it?

Sean Penn:  Hollywood actor, outspoken activist and Socialist.  Sean Penn has made clear where he sits on the political spectrum and it is so very far to the left.  He has played buddy buddy with Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez (also a communist) and former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (also a communist).  He spouts hateful anti-American rhetoric, yet stays loyal to President Obama.  What is going on there?

Other groups supporting President Obama:  Socialist Party USA, Communist Party Illinois (among others), the New Black Panther Party (a very violent group), and Hamas (an Islamic terrorist group).

These are just some of his supporters.  I haven’t even begun on who actually works in the White House under this President.

I think it is time the country woke up and saw President Obama for what he really is.  You really need to ask yourself why are these anti-American people supporting Barack Obama?  What do they know about him and why would they want him to be in control of the White House?  Educate yourself.  Don’t just follow blindly what the media tells you about Obama.

President Obama wants to look at Mitt Romney’s supporters, that’s just fine with me.  But I will surely do the same with President Obama’s.

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I’ve been hearing all kinds of class warfare rhetoric lately.  Well, not just lately, really for the last 3 years, but it’s been amplified lately.  Why??  Because Mitt Romney is running for President.  That makes a difference, you see, because Mitt Romney is rich.  He’s not Bill Gates rich, but the man has a ridiculous amount of money.  I mean, the guy is totally loaded.

So, apparently, that’s a bad thing.  I think I missed the memo on that, because I’m confused.

I thought the “American Dream” was to be able to work hard and earn money and do better and get more money and so on.  People could work hard, maybe start their own business and become really successful.  I think the dream has turned into a nightmare.  See, now when you become super successful, you become the villain – and, it doesn’t even matter what you do with that money.

The new mantra is we need to take money from those evil rich people and give it to the poor.  (Can anyone say Robin Hood?  – but more on that later.)  The poor (and by that I don’t mean those who are really poor, those people living on the street, or living with bare cupboards; I mean those people who would rather pay for their cable TV and cell phones than their own food.  I mean those who live off the taxpayers and have ginormous televisions and nice vehicles in the drive way.) have become heroes, while those who pay for their food and government housing have become the bad guys.  Are you as confused by this as I am?

I just don’t get it.  And, I’m left with several questions.  When did becoming successful and rich become bad?  When did the “American Dream” get turned totally on it’s head?  How much money do you earn before you become bad?  How much of a person’s money should they be allowed to keep?  Why is being filthy stinking rich a bad thing?  Why are we rewarding idleness and punishing hard work?

I keep asking my liberal friends and I can’t get an answer.

Really, what I believe is that if you are in power, and want to fundamentally change this country, perhaps run with socialist and Marxist principles, you have to make the wealthy the villains and make the poor (who again, really aren’t poor) completely dependent on the government, and then you get away with it by calling it “fair.”

Well, folks, life isn’t fair.  Sometimes that really sucks.  But, it’s fact.

As for me, I love rich people.  I wish I was one of them, but I am most definitely not.  I love rich people though, because they create jobs.  I love them because (for the most part) they are hard workers.  They often became rich because they had a brilliant idea.  I say hooray for them!  I hope I can be as rich as Mitt Romney some day!  I also hope I can give million upon millions of dollars to charities, just as Mitt Romney does.  I hope the principles of capitalism win out over those of Karl Marx.  And you can bet your government check I’ll be teaching my children to strive to be successful and that they,  with enough hard work and ingenuity, can become stinking rich one day too!

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My father-in-law was telling me about this today.  I know it’s a little old, but I think it’s pretty funny.

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February 7, 2008, was a day of mourning for conservatives everywhere.

The campaign of Governor Mitt Romney, 60, was cut short Thursday, February 7, 2008, when he announced to CPAC that he was suspending it. After he served as governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007, he began his campaign. In February of 2007 he announced his candidacy, and was a welcome addition to conservatives. His campaign was strong from the get-go, and weathered many storms. When the focus of this candidacy became his Mormon religion, he didn’t back down, but instead faced those who criticized his faith. His candidacy was for so long the bright ray of sunshine in an otherwise grim Republican field. In a time of immense Reagan nostalgia, Romney gave many conservates/Reganites great reason to rejoice. Indeed, Mitt Romney was, in the end, the only hope for true conservatism to be back in the White House.
His campaign is survived by his wonderful family, who supported him all the way; all the volunteers that spent so many hours working on his behalf; conservatives everywhere, who miss the great Ronald Reagan; his 286 delegates; the Constitution; patriotism; hope for another run; hard work; faith; and love.
Memorial services were held in the hearts of many!

It is clear that Mitt Romney loves his country!

“It is the common task of each generation – and the burden of liberty – to preserve this country, expand its freedoms and renew its spirit so that its noble past is prologue to its glorious future.
“To this task, accepting this burden, we are all dedicated, and I firmly believe, by the providence of the Almighty, that we will succeed beyond our fondest hope. America must remain, as it has always been, the hope of the Earth.
“Thank you, and God bless America.”

~Mitt Romney
CPAC, February 7, 2008

“And if you believe that as I do, that our source of strength is our people, then when America faces a new generation of challenges like we do today you don’t look to government. You don’t look to make government bigger. You don’t look to make government stronger. You look to make the people stronger. Because that has always been and will always be the source of our destiny. And when we need to call on the strength of America we look to strengthen the American people …
“We rise to the occasion time and again. Whatever we face, whatever challenges we have, there is no challenge greater than that which can be achieved by drawing upon the spirit of the people of America. This is the hope of the world. We will always be such.”

~Mitt Romney
Final Speech as RGA Chair, November 30, 2006

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We won!

Yesterday, Mitt Romney won 51% in Nevada! So awesome! The next was Ron Paul with like 14%. So we really swept Nevada, even liberal Clark County!
The caucus experience was interesting. This is the first time Nevada’s done one, so definitely a learning experience. I’m glad they have 4 years to improve the process. Hopefully when it’s time to do it again, the Republican Party will be more organized about it, and make people more aware of it earlier.
So, I was the precinct chair over 3 precincts. In one, only 3 people turned out, and they each voted for a different candidate. In another, only one guy came. And in ours, we had nine people, and Romney got 6 votes. The other 3 votes were split between 3 different candidates. Our precinct got 5 delegates to the county convention. Adam and I are both going to be delegates. Two friends of ours from the ward are also going to be delegates, and one other guy is going.
All in all it was a fun experience, and I’m really glad I got to be a part of it. I think next time, I’d like to be involved earlier on in the process.
Last night we had a “caucus party” with a ton of our friends. That was fun, but it always is! We watched the results from South Carolina, where most of us were really hoping for a Thompson victory (as we knew Romney was not going to win there). I really like Thompson a lot, and I’m in favor of just getting McCain and Huckabee defeated. I’m really worried Thompson might drop out of the race now, which would be horrible. He’s got to stay in, at least to just take votes from those two. In my ideal world, I would LOVE to see a Romney/Thompson ticket! How awesome would that be?! Anyhow, we’ve got three wins under our belt (Wyoming, Michigan, and Nevada), and we are leading with delegates. So, we still had plenty of reason to celebrate. Let’s just pray that it keeps up this way!

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Tomorrow’s the day! I’m SOOOOO excited! It’s the Nevada Caucus! Woo-hoo!
I just can’t wait for the caucus tomorrow morning. I’m a temporary precinct chair, and hopefully the caucus chair, for the meeting tomorrow. I say hopefully, because technically there has to be an election to see if anyone else wants to do it. Adam and I are also going to try to be delegates to the county convention. That would be so much fun. I’ve spent time the last two days going and talking to my neighbors and leaving notes for those who weren’t home. Just trying to get people out to the caucus. It’s a great opportunity for us. The advantage of a caucus is that we get to have a say on the whole Republican party platform. That’s so cool. So here at the local precinct level, I have an issue that is important to me. We vote on it, and then it’s off to the county convention. They vote on it, and off to the state convention. They vote on it and bam, national convention. How cool is that?! And, anyone can go to the national convention as a delegate from Nevada. Same thing. Get elected at the precinct, then again at the county convention, then again at the state convention, and you are an official delegate from the great state of Nevada to the National Convention! I just think it’s way neater than a regular old primary because we have so much input.
Hopefully Romney will take the state tomorrow. I’m doing what I can to make it happen.
It’s just all so exciting for me!

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#1 in Michigan!

Mitt Romney came in first in Michigan! This is very exciting, and just what we needed! This puts the number of delegates for Romney at 42. Huckabee is next with 21, McCain has 19, and Thompson has 6. This is the second win for Gov. Romney! Hopefully it will carry over to South Carolina and here in Nevada!
Very Exciting!

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Mitt Romney gave an AMAZING speech this morning, and I recommend that you all watch it! It was truly moving and inspiring! The man looked and sounded absolutely presidential! His words and message must have resonated through the hearts of millions of Americans! Even Chris Matthews liked it. You’ve got to check it out!

Click here to view the Gov. Romney’s speech!

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Today I had the totally awesome experience of volunteering for Team Mitt at their local phone bank. Now, I have been doing calls from home, but this was different. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to go do more of the local phone bank work. There were a ton of people there, and lists and lists and lists of people to call. A couple friends of mine have been volunteering at the local call bank every Saturday, and really got me the hook-ups! (Thanks, guys!) So, they divided us into teams, all named after Mitt Romney’s sons and wife. We were on team Josh, which was apparently the favored team. See, the deal was, Mitt was going to be coming to the call bank after another event he had in town, and the team that made the most phone calls would get to meet with him personally. So, we called and called for like 5 hours. My back hurt, my head hurt, and my ear hurt. But, it really didn’t matter because they announced that we had won! (And there was much rejoicing in the land.) I was really excited, because all I wanted to do was shake the man’s hand. So, they took us into a smaller room, and while we waited for Mitt to come, we got to speak with his son, Josh, on the phone. He was very encouraging. Shortly thereafter, Mitt (and his entourage) came in. He shook all of our hands and took pictures. Then we all went into the big call bank room where he was introduced to everyone, took more pictures and gave a short little “thank you” speech. Thanks to my smart friend, Sarah, we were able to get his autograph. It was really exciting for me! I was in my element of politics. And I’ve got to say, the man just looks presidential, he really does. He’s got a sort of regal quality about him.

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Reid vs. Romney?

I was just thinking today about Harry Reid, and all the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth. And, I got to thinking: I wonder if Harry Reid is going to start attacking Mitt Romney‘s faith. After all, Romney is a Mormon, everyone knows that. He has made no bones about it. He even said in the last debate that he wouldn’t back down from his faith. (For me that was wonderful. I think Romney running for POTUS will bring out a lot about the Church. Unfortunately, some of that will be anti-Mormon propaganda. I think most of it will be good, though.) Anyway, with Romney being identified as the Mormon candidate, I really wonder if Reid will attack him on that. (BTW- Reid’s secret: He’s a Mormon too!) Hard to believe? I know. He sure doesn’t wear his faith on his sleeve! He actually seems to stand up for things that don’t align themselves with the Gospel. So, because Reid seems to be a walking contradiction with himself, I just chuckled when I thought of the idea of him attacking Romney on the “Mormon issue.” I imagined it going something like this: Reid attacks Romney, and says that he’s not a “good Mormon.” Romney just ignores him. Reid, looking for something to set him off, claims that he is a better Mormon than Romney ever will be. Again, Romney just ignores him. Reid goes through all the callings he’s ever had, and challenges Romney to “beat that.” Romney finally responds in a very dignified manner by bearing his testimony and then saying that a person’s faith really has nothing to do with the office of POTUS. Reid then claims that a person’s faith is an integral part of their make-up, so how could it not be an issue. Romney replies that Reid has always stood on the premise of separating his religion from politics (and adds in that he’s done so really well). Reid says it’s different for him, and he can do that, because he’s a liberal. And, after all, we all know that libs aren’t held to any actual standards or accountability.
Anyway, just a little thought I had, and it made me laugh. It’s just ironic enough that I could actually see Reid doing it. 🙂

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