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I wanted to take a moment today to express my appreciation for all those that have served in the armed forces!  Words cannot properly convey my gratitude for you.  I am so grateful to live in this nation and thank my Heavenly Father that there are people like you out there, ready to protect and defend my family and I!  You are brave and courageous, and indeed, heroic.  I admire all of you for all you’ve given in behalf of this great nation!  And, truly some have given the ultimate sacrifice, and I honor them. 

While in the midst of this election year, I think many have lost focus on what is truly important.  And, while many of us have differing view points, we must remember that were it not for those who have fought, and sometimes died, for us, we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have to express our views.  So, for this time, let’s put those differences aside, and honor all those who have given so much, so that we don’t have to. 

Thank you! 


Because I think often times music can convey feelings that I’m not able to, here’s some great songs to honor those in the military: 

American Soldier- by Toby Keith; Some Gave All- by Billy Ray Cyrus; Brothers- by Dean Brody; Letters From Home- by John Michael Montgomery; 50,000 Names- by George JonesWhere The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly; 8th of November- by Big and Rich; Welcome Home- by Dolly Parton; Arlington- by Trace Atkins; God Bless the USA- by Lee Greenwood

Please remember how blessed we are, because of these amazing men and women.  Let us never forget our veterans.  Honor them.  Love them.  Thank them.

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I don’t know what happened, but I realized that I have forgotten to post anything about the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert that I went to.  Wow!  Was it awesome!  We first heard from Mark Levin, then Lt. Col. Oliver North.  After that, Sean Hannity spoke to us.  All were wonderful speakers and really got me charged up.  After the speakers, Lee Greenwood took the stage.  He was very good.  I hadn’t heard most of the songs before, but I still really enjoyed the music.  His vocal range is amazing, and the music was great.  And, of course the best song was God Bless the USA! 

All in all, the night was full of patriotism and optimism and enlightenment.  I can’t wait until I can go to another one!

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