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More members of the House took to the floor today to talk to the American people about their energy bill.  While the hope is that Nancy Pelosi would be listening, I’m sure she’s turing a deaf ear to it all, too wrapped up in her book tour to worry about the energy crisis.  I was glad to see that two of Nevada’s Representatives were there, Dean Heller and Jon Porter.  Jon Porter spoke at a press conference today, also.  Too bad Shelley Berkley (Dem) is the Representative for my district.  (Hoping that will change come November.)  Anyway, I’m really glad to see these guys taking a stand!  I love it!  I hope they keep it up and don’t back down! 

Part 1

Part 2

All they are asking for is a vote!  Click here to read the bill

Here’s a list of those who have participated so far

Check out John Boehner’s (Minority Leader) blog and Republican Cloakroom

Contact Nancy Pelosi and tell her to bring the House back in session!

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Congress is taking up the issue of the Fairness Doctrine again.  This would be a HUGE violation of the First Amendment.  While on Mark Levin’s site today, I came across this group that is working against the Fairness Doctrine, and they have a list of those who support it and those who are opposed to it, and those that act like hypocrites saying they are opposed to it, but won’t act against it.  Happily, I say NV Representatives Jon Porter and Dean Heller on the list of those that oppose the Fairness Doctrine and act accordingly.  And, of course, Shelley Berkley was on the list of those that want the Fairness Doctrine reinstated.  So, since I’m in her congressional district, I decided to pop off a little e-mail to her.  I thought I’d share it here. 

I am writing today to express my extreme dissatisfaction in your stance on the fairness doctrine!  There is no reason why you should be able to determine what I am able to listen to on the radio.  I am fully capable of deciding what I want to hear.  Reinstating the fairness doctrine would be one of the biggest violations of the First Amendment I have heard of.  I can only conclude that the only reason that you would support such an unconstitutional measure is that you are too afraid of what your opposition may say.  While I do not agree with liberal agenda, I do believe that those who do have every right to express that belief on outlets such as MSNBC and Air America.  Likewise, I have every right to have my views expressed on conservative talk radio and Fox News.  If you are so sure that your liberal agenda is right for this country, why are you so afraid of other views being expressed?  Your actions in this matter show me that you truly are working toward a Socialist America.  Should you all get your way, it will be a sad future for my wonderful children! 

This is just one of the “little” ways that the Left is trying to take over this country.  They are just trying to silence the opposition, that way they look better and it will be easier for them to Socialize this country.  This is a Communist/Marxist tactic and every American should be disgusted! 

Support Jon Porter and Dean Heller in their re-election campaigns! 

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