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Ok, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I think I have a pretty good plan to significantly help the economy as well as help solve the healthcare problem.  It’s a two for one kind of thing.  Here it is, and I want to know what you all think of this. 

Step 1:  Significantly lower corporate taxes.  At 39%, the United States has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world.  That’s absurd.  It’s no wonder big companies outsource so many jobs to other countries.  I might get really irritated when I call tech support and get someone in India that I can barely understand, but I also understand why it’s done. 

Step 2:  Get the unions out.  Let’s face it, the unions are in control of way too much in this country!  Why do you think it was automakers that had to deal with the UAW were the ones getting that bailout money.  Companies like Toyota and Honda, who have manufacturing plants here, but are not unionized, did not need the government to bail them out.  Those companies don’t have the union restrictions placed on them.  And, let’s not beat around the bush here, the unions bring nothing but restrictions and hardships to companies.  They might claim to be helpful to workers, they really seek for power for themselves.  By placing all those regulations and restrictions on companies, it causes the companies to hire fewer people and do less for the employes they have. 

Step 3:  Stop having employers provide health coverage fro employees.  Yes, this might initially sound harsh, but hear me out.  If a company doesn’t have to provide health coverage for employees, it will free up a lot of money for the company to do other things, such as hire more people or pay the employees they have more.  This will create more jobs for the currently jobless or underemployed.  Also, if employers didn’t have to provide coverage, the deals with the group coverage wouldn’t be in place.  If all the insurance purchasing is put back in private hands, prices will drop.  If prices are lower, people will buy coverage.  Ok, I can hear your argument:  “What about all those people with pre-existing conditions?”  Great question.  I maintain that insurance companies will be able to provide coverage for those they wish to cover (provided the government gets out of the picture – see step 4).  If allowed to, insurance companies will be allowed to cover people with exceptional health at super low rates and people with conditions at a higher rate.  It’s like car insurance.  There are some companies that just have better rates, and it’s up to them to set those.  If people don’t want to pay those rates, they can shop around.  I think, though, that it should be completely up to the insurance companies. 

Step 4:  De-regulate the health insurance industry.  I’m a firm believer that in the free market, the best products/services will prevail, and that consumers are capable of making decisions for themselves.  One of the huge problems with the health insurance industry is that there is too much government interference, directing their operations.  If, for example, the insurance companies were allowed to cross state line and be national, that would open up competition more.  When there is more competition, the prices are necessarily driven down.  I maintain that they would drop substantially. 

Ok, there you have it.  That’s my plan.  It’s all about returning things to the private market and getting the government out of the private sector.  What do you all think?

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I love this.  There is a good group of videos that he has done, but this is especially great! 

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Those around me know that I am deeply opposed to this stimulus plan that Obama wants passed.  One must ask why he feels the need to bankrupt the country even more?  And why send us even further down the Socialist and Marxist path?  The answer is easy – power.  When you make people dependent on the government, the government has absolute power in their lives.  Scary.  The man that said he was going to bring change and hope to the country is doing just that, but it’s the wrong kind.  As for change, all he’s done is change back to Clinton, FDR era, and Soviet politics.  I think even FDR would say he’s too far left.  Obama is going far beyond trying to help this country; he’s trying to take it in a completely socialist direction.  I don’t know about you, but his plans look more and more like old school Soviet tactics.  Not something I’m looking forward to.  It’s change alright, but not the kind I want any part of!  Now, let’s talk about hope.  The only hope Obama has inspired in me is hope that things won’t be as bad as they appear to be.  I have hope that I’ll still be able to have a say in my children’s upbringing when he is finished.  I have hope that I’ll still be able to own my home and be able to strive for success.  And, I have hope that Conservatism will make a comeback (after all, we had to have Carter to get Reagan). 

So, I was reading a very interesting article over at Ask Heritage (part of The Heritage Foundation), about this stimulus.  It is amazing how truly bad this plan is!  Thank goodness for the House Republicans and 11 Democrats who voted against it (in a truly bi-partisan vote)!  I only have hope that the Senate Republicans will have the same brains and courage to stand up for not only Conservative values, but what is right.  Anyway, check out this article and the real costs of this so-called stimulus package.  By the way, they are just going to call any spending and tax increases “stimulus” so that the vast majority of drive-by media watching Americans will think it is a good thing.  So check out this graphic.  Not the kind of spending I’m into! 


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So Hillary Clinton is bursting with ideas lately. She’s apparently solved the problems of health care, poverty, and retirement. Universal health care (ie: socialized medicine), a $5000 baby bond, and a $1000 a year 401 K for everyone in the country. Now, the question is: How will she pay for it? Answer, according to her: tax the rich and middle class (but mostly the rich). Her plans have so many, many flaws, but I’d just like to concentrate on one right now. She wants to tax the rich to pay for all of this, but it simply won’t work. There are two ways this can go. 1. The rich will “hide” their money through investments, and other means, so they won’t be subject to the ridiculous high taxes. So, they will still be rich, and the programs won’t get funded. When she sees that she’s not getting the income she wanted from the rich, she’s going to push the higher taxes on the middle class. Refer to #2 for the inevitable end to that scenario. 2. The rich will be taxed until they are poor. Hillary will see that the well has run dry, and the taxes will go to the middle class. They will be taxed until they are poor, also. Now, what will she do? She can’t tax the poor, those people are the “victims” the democrats say they are trying to help. Plus, now there will be even more poor (because of all the taxing), and the programs will need even more funding. What’s she going to do then? What’s her solution to that?
I pray I will NEVER have to find out!

All she is after is power, and socialized programs, like these, give it to her. Socialism is NOT for this country. It’s a terrible idea, on so many levels. But, if she gets elected, that’s what’s coming. Be prepared to loose everything you hold near and dear, ’cause in Hillary’s mind, it all belongs to her.

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I Predict…

I have two predictions to make, in light of recent events.
1. I think that if all the liberals get what they want, and more and more people start driving hybrid vehicles, in order to live “green,” it will backfire on them. Soon, they will realize that the government is not collecting as much revenue in taxes from gas. (After all, the gov’t gets like $.50 a gallon, while “big oil” is only getting around $.08 per gallon.) So, they will be loosing a ton of money, and yup, you guessed it, raise our taxes even more. People think gas prices are high now. Just wait until the libs realize how much they are loosing out on at the pump.

2. I think that if this horrible immigration bill goes through, and all these people become “legal,” it will become a terrible burden for employers. Right now they can get away with paying the illegals less money because they are willing to work for less. But, I predict that when they become legal, they will demand more money. They will become subject to minimum wage laws, too. While some are saying that this bill would be good for businesses, I think it is going to end up costing them more.

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